Damindra Restaurant – Love it!

I forgot to give a shout out to a restaurant I love in Copenhagen. Damindra. We were there on December 14, 2018. The service is excellent and the food equals it. The waiter was friendly and accommodating. He took the time to explain the meals. The owner of the place also visited our table and checked if everything was what we expected.

We had a meal for a king. Maybe not, but I thought that everything was perfect. The price was reasonable for what we had. I had the tasting menu for DKK 795. Warning: You have to be really hungry to order this.

They change the menu every month so you may not have what I have eaten — which makes Damindra a unique and exciting place to ease your hunger. For details: http://www.damindra.dk

I don’t know your name but thank you for the good service.

A Unique Christmas Package

Every year, we expect a gift card from my husband. He always say that he doesn’t what to give so we get to pick out our gifts ourselves. No complications. Imagine my surprise when he came with this box.

Lechon made of marsipan being roasted by santas and an angel one of my kids made when she was 8. My gift was inside this box (another surprise).

Oh yes, gift cards were still passed around. ­čśť

May this season bring you not only material blessings but also things that money cannot buy. May you have always have faith, hope and charity.


Sumo – Surprisingly Good

I don’t go out too often (because of so many reasons). Once in a while, when I do, I would like to try a new restaurant. Sumo offers variety of asian cuisine. Not too much to choose from but enough to make you no-so-confused. A big plus for me! I tend to get really overwhelmed with a long list.

Ion Umani – 4 desserts in one plate. Cheesecake balls, Chocolate mousse, Sorbet and pannacotta. My favourite is the cheesecake balls.

Even the tea is divine!

The tom yum soup was spiced perfectly. Yes, it did not burn my mouth. It was just right.

Since I could not choose which bao bun I want, I ordered 3 bao buns – crab, tempura and sticky pork.

Who wants Miso soup? Apparently, that day, it was just me who wanted it. I can eat this soup everyday.

Our smiling faces mean we are very happy and full. I love the service, ambience and the food. My love for food will always make me choose Sumo over its neighbour Fridays.

The ┬áphotos were taken the first time I ate at Sumo this summer. I definitely┬árecommend the food I have mentioned above and dirty maki. I still have to try other stuff on the menu. If you are in the area, try sumo and┬ádon’t forget their iced tea.

– albjornstad-

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