13 Replies to “Stavkirke (Jenneth’s Visit)”

  1. Hei Owen and Kapitan 🙂 More pics coming up soon.

    Neng, thanks for your e-mail. I will be in Manila on the 15th siguro. Depending on the booking status — hirap kasi pag PAD tickets (We are using Standby tickets)…

  2. Hei Al, musta na? kailan ka uuwi? mukhang busy na sa pag-iimpake.

    wish u gute reise na lang!
    don’t forget my pasalubong. 🙂

  3. wala na bang pictures from norway? mukhang okay ang weather diyan ah.

  4. Hei neng and ethel! Very interesting ang mga old buildings dito. Parang sa Germany din, maraming interesting architecture.

    Charles, I will do it after the weekend. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by Laureen. Norway is one of the countries to visit in Europe.

  5. wow, i love your pictures here. norway has so many nice places to see. i wish i could go there someday.

  6. ibang-iba pala ang architecture jan.

    nauuso na rin ang mga bahay na made of wood dito. mas healthy raw kc ang luft (air) during winter.

  7. Hei Kapitan! Ang nagiba ng site ko si C.Jordan (pinoy na nasa Norway)… blogger din click mo lang sa side bar ko Bend it like a banana.

    Walang castles dito, isa lang yung tinitirhan ng hari. Pero merong mga fortress na ginamit sa WW. Di katulad sa France

    Sidney, you would be surprised about the details. I regret that I did not take some pictures of them.

  8. Indeed, this is a nice architecture. I like the wood! Those churches are well conserved if they are so old. They look quite new.

  9. ang ganda talaga dyan sa norway wala ako masabi. madami bang mga castles dyan? btw nagiba ang site mo…pano mo ginawa? engget ako!

    More power to you Al!

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