Fall Is Here!

Fall clothes is On

Dressed Up for Fall

(plus John’s Sibirian Bike)

John at the Summer HOuse

Enjoying the view (John)

Colors of the fall…

Fall is here

Taken by AJ with her 6680 (Not bad!)

Fall is here!

Taken by AJ

Enjoying the last days of Warm Weather

Noreen & AJ (Enjoying the left overs of Summer)

Dressed for Fall

Not so warm these days…
More of Fall Colors
And let there be darkness…
Getting cold feet?

Getting Cold Feet (?)

5 Replies to “Fall Is Here!”

  1. hey al, thanks for visiting my site. i like the pictures in your site. It gives us an insider’s insight of how norway looks like. hope to visit the place in the future.

  2. Thank You for visting my blog site. I enjoyed looking at your photos. I realy like the one of the Viking boat.

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