Few of My Favorite Dishes

Here are some of my favourite norwegian delicacies :
Kamchatka krabber

Auntie Bot holding a king crab. Yummy!

Christmas Dish (picture taken from google images)

(Picture taken from google images)

Reindeer Meat (picture taken from google images)

Lamb meat. Very similar to Filipino Dish – Nilaga (picture taken from google images)

Whale meat (picture taken from google images)

4 Replies to “Few of My Favorite Dishes”

  1. Hei Sidney,
    The minke whale is not an endagered specie 🙂
    The hunting is scientifically done. They hunt a few hundreds each year and make sure that there would not be ecological imbalance.

  2. Wow! What a crab and what a big smile ! 🙂

    Great food! But you should not eat whale meat! (Aren’t they protected?)

  3. hei owen!
    The crabs are really big! Hindi camera trick!Hayaan mo pag nagawi ka ng Europe, dalawin mo ko, pakakainin kita ng norwegian food!
    I know that Japan is importing a lot of these crabs from Norway. Hindi ko nga lang alam kung paano nila niluluto.

  4. there your krabber is. that’s how big it is or camera trick lang yan!

    i dont think i ever saw that on any of the japanese food i had.

    kelan ko kaya matitikman ang mga pagkaing yan?! they all look yummy!

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