Winter Has Come

Summer is gone.
First snow of the season came on the 23rd of October. The kids are really excited about the winter but some adults (like me) do not share the same enthusiasm.

Winter 2005

First snow of the season

12 Replies to “Winter Has Come”

  1. SSW: You should try the whale meat when you visit norway. It is a very controversial dish (hehe).

    Shatzli, you should come back and see how much they are building these days at Gamlebyen. BTW, mas mahal na ang bilihin ngayon 😦

  2. hay naku grabe i left my heart sa norway talaga… mahal nga lang its expensive but its worth it
    3 months living there was a great expercience

  3. Thanks for visiting my site. I have always been fascinated by Norway and happy to know that I could learn more about the country from your site. Snow in October, wow! This is too early for me. The Norwegian dishes look very appetizing. I haven’t tried the whale meat though.

  4. Hei Neneng,
    thanks for the visit. ofcourse you can link me up 🙂

    Wala pa bang snow sa Germany? Hmmm…

    Dito nawala na ang snow kasi umuulan. Natakot na rin yata sa akin ang snow, Owen!

  5. bloghopping from owen’s site…
    whew! love winter …kung may snow lang.

    BTW, cud i link u up? Danke.

  6. i have a very embarassing confession to make, i haven’t experience snow yet in my life. everytime i go out to countries with 4 seasons during winter, the snow never showed up! heck! hopefully this winter….

  7. Buhuhu… winter comes early and leave late….

    But I am shortening it by flying to Manila in December and coming back in January 🙂

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