Interesting Road Signs

We notice a lot of things when travelling by car – like road signs. Since I grew up in a big city, it is not common to find warning signs like these:
Road Sign - Sheep

Road Sign -Moose

Road Sign --- Cow

If there were signs like these in the Philippines, one of them would be:

Warning for Carabaos Crossing

That would be something!

Fall Is Here!

Fall clothes is On

Dressed Up for Fall

(plus John’s Sibirian Bike)

John at the Summer HOuse

Enjoying the view (John)

Colors of the fall…

Fall is here

Taken by AJ with her 6680 (Not bad!)

Fall is here!

Taken by AJ

Enjoying the last days of Warm Weather

Noreen & AJ (Enjoying the left overs of Summer)

Dressed for Fall

Not so warm these days…
More of Fall Colors
And let there be darkness…
Getting cold feet?

Getting Cold Feet (?)