Lillehammer + (Jenneth’s Visit)

In 1994, the Winter Olympics was held in Lillehamer, Norway.A scary ride (I am scared of heights)Noreen (AJ's bestfriend), Jenneth and AJI am seated beside Jenneth (and scared to death) on this photo ******.... Some stops ... Fishing again?Lunch time at Jotunheimenat one of the camping placesTatyana with some company

Jenneth’s Visit

John, my husband has an (adopted) sister - Jenneth Mesana. After her graduating from College (with honors), we invited her to Norway as a gift for her hard work. She stayed with us for three months.(And as requested by Neneng, I am posting more pics I have at Vigelandsparken)Jenneth MesanaThe fountainJohn and TatyanaJohn, Jenneth and …