Minette’s Visit

In 2003, Minette, a friend from Lufthansa Town Office (Sales) in Manila, visited us for a few days.



Angelika Jane and Tatyana
Tatyana and Angelika Jane Playing on the ice
Minette and the kids
Minette and the kids
After 5 years living in Norway, I am still fascinated about the sea turning into ice.


At Vigeland Park (by the Monolith)

Bjørnstad Family

Me and my family

18 years ago, in my sculpture class, we studied some of Vigeland’s work not knowing that I would see the real ones in my lifetime. The park has over 200 fascinating sculptures. Everytime I am at this Park, I see something new and something to ponder about.

16 Replies to “Minette’s Visit”

  1. No problem. I mean those were also free stuff and I have free time to do it as well and it is always nice to do something nice. Makes you feel lighter.

  2. hey C. You are such a sweet person! Changing templates for us — for free. I should return the favor one day 🙂

  3. Oh thank you very much.. and thanks for dropping by on my blog as well …I am also changing the template of neng soon..

  4. C.Jordan, the next time I bump into someone who is about that age and single, I would let you know 🙂

  5. By the way, does anyone of you knows any single guys like around 47 and above… I am like making a match for my mother since she’s been a single mom her entire life and I hope she will get married someday… help?

  6. The rain in Bergen is not that bad actually. Yes, the city has a heavy rainfall but it doesnt mean that it rains frequently. By the way, sha I like your food blog took some recipes on it.. I will try that baked fish…

  7. Sha, hanubayan, ginutom ako sa kakasearch dun sa post mo on your trip sa may summer house namin sa Fredrikstad. I ended up reading about the food. Heheh. Hindi pa naman ako nagaalmusal. Sossy (sosial , lol)

    I just wonder, siguro nagkita na tayo?hmmm

  8. oslo is chic
    bergen is charming and those rain oh my…
    stavanger ay ewan small not too bad, good resto din.

    i have been to your summer house sa may friedrikstad? i know the bridge kasi go to my food blog i wrote a story about it.

    ano sossy lol…

  9. I have some more fotos at Vigeland. I will put them out on my next posting.
    Pinakamalamig kong naranasan dito mga -20 pero mas malamig kahit +5 at mahangin. brrrrr.

  10. guten tag AL ! hehehe ( a gut morning ritual ko yan …)

    do u have more fotos from d park?
    na-curious ako sa works ni Vigeland? interesting !!!

    BTW, gaano kalamig winter ninyo?

    bis dann (hanggang sa muli)!

  11. Hei C.Jordan, I love Oslo and I love Bergen too. I think that Bergen has a very special charm.

    Sha, sossy ka talaga… ang mahal doon ha?

  12. Ja, det er veldig rett Al. And sidney I guess Filipinos are quite adaptable to almost any place. Even now I am just wearing shorts and a shirt despite the cold. Probably I am a Viking on my past life. LOL … But I am never fond of Oslo probably the Bergenser blood is creeping up on me now since I fell inlove with the city.

  13. Norwegians say that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. I say, stay beside the fireplace like Cinderella! 🙂

    Sha, you really do miss Norway. You lived in Bygdøy, isn’t it?

  14. norway is a dry cold though
    i love changes in weather
    in oslo i would watch the clouds turn grey hailstorms, pink skies, its something that amazed me in norway.

    water turning into ice, ice melting ….

    aha vigeland
    i love walking there u know….
    at sa bygdoy

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