Jenneth’s Visit

John, my husband has an (adopted) sister – Jenneth Mesana. After her graduating from College (with honors), we invited her to Norway as a gift for her hard work. She stayed with us for three months.

(And as requested by Neneng, I am posting more pics I have at Vigelandsparken)

Vigelandparken - Jenneth

Jenneth Mesana


The fountain


John and Tatyana

Vigelandparken - John, Tatyana and Jenneth

John, Jenneth and Tatyana

Vigelandparken . Tatyana and Jenneth

Jenneth and Tatyana

Vigelandparken - Tatyana
One of my favorite pictures of Tatyana



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22 Replies to “Jenneth’s Visit”

  1. hello Ate Ann.. I just posted the revelations and answers to my 20 Things about me game btw..

  2. Wow! new look ur site 🙂 luv that flower on the right side :))
    Anong bago dito 🙂 babalik ako pag may bago na c’ya ’round! CIAO

  3. so true ate ann.. its also like in Helsinki coz I have an aunt there and I spent my summer there as well. Seen some filipinos that are like that… Confused ?

  4. hei neng,
    Although hindi naman lahat, merong mga ibang pinay dito na medyo isnab. Meron naman — friendly pero kinukumpara kung ano ang buhay nila at kung mas marami silang pera at mamahaling bagay. Merong iba, na parang sila lang ang may pinagaralan pero sa totoo lang di naman ginagamit. Bottom line: talagang iba -iba lang talaga ang tao.

    Marami naman dito na mabait. Kaya lang natutunan ko, kailangan talaga piliin ang kaibigan. 🙂

    Oks lang — si Charles — forvirret? hehhe

  5. thánx a lot Al! ganda talaga, di ako artist, mahilig lang mag-appreciate ng mga works ng iba. bestfriend ko noong high school ang magaling sa arts kaya natuto kung ano ang pinagpawisan ng husto para makabuo ng isang kahanga-hangang bagay. more reasons to visit ur place. LOL

    teka, nalito yata si charles! nandito ako sa baba ‘tol …ngayon lang ako nakadalaw, hehe
    mamaya magtampo c Al.

    Filipinos here in Deutschland? walang pinagkaiba. ewan din kung bakeeet ganyan ang mga ugali ng mga kababayan kapag nasa “aboard” ika nga.

  6. Yeah very true Ate Neng..And Sha I think two gaybars already and Fincken is usually the place that most people go to. I think i had pictures of the bar on my blog its on the oktober archives though

  7. Hei Owen, ganyan talaga. Just a few weeks ago, I realized that I do not have so much pictures of myself. Pero siguro in your case, kailangan mong maghanap ng kukuha ng pic mo — hehehe.

    Sha, baka naman kaya ka inisnab kasi akala nila hindi ka pinoy. Hehe — nagsalita naman ako — I do not have a lot of filipino friends either, just a few.

    Charles, I think that it is okey to have international friends. You learn more.

  8. gay bar why i didnt know this…

    looks like i have other reasons to visit bergen again… and oslo..

  9. i am not a catholic so I dont get to be in the church with other filipinos though funny thing is the gay bar is right across the church. So usually my friends here are the brits,aussies, canadians and locals of course… So the nurses snob you ?

  10. FILIPINO NURSES DO NOT MIGLE MUCH WITH OTHERS.. i dont know why,,,, hahaha

    isang tropa ako nakita bumaba sa bgdoy alle then nag lakad patungo frogners na isnob ganda ko LOL

  11. baranggay capt ka hahaha di mayor ako…

    I found the catholic church purely by chance…..we got lost sa oslo bec of all the one way streets.. then i saw like a whole tribe of our kababayans.

  12. sa bergen wait when the cruise arives from the fjords…. dami filipino mag babaan… you see them walking around the fish market.

    I have a friend sa Molde at stavanger nga (sa internet lang kami nagkakilala)

    vigeland scupture.. the boy with the bad temper hahaha

    saan ang waffles????

  13. ganun ba talaga, puro pics lan nila ang ipa-publish??? sabagay ako rin, parati wala ako sa pic pero i have my reason, kase i always take pics alone, so im always at the back of the lens.

    enewei, have a nice weekend.

  14. really around 8 thousand ? is it in oslo alone or whole norway ? I havent seen one even during summer Ate mostly are the Thais and Viets.. but i dunno as well since in person I am taller for a Filipino and usually mistaken as a Latino as well…I dunno why. my classmates always ask me why i cant speak spanish also… i really find it hilarious .. I am happy that you like the new template since i was surfing around and saw it and it looks more girly as well and not boring.

  15. Hei c.! Ikaw talaga, you are such a dear! I like this much better though. More space for pictures. We are really polite, no? You can call me Ate. 🙂 Thanks again! BTW, there are some pinoy nurses in Bergen, I’m sure. Maybe they are in hiding — remember, it is winter. Heheh

    Sidney, the pictures posted here does not make justice to the sculptures. They are so breathtaking.

    Barangay Captain, there are about 8000 to 9000 filipinos here. Maybe the number has increased… I am applying for the position of Baranggay Captain here LOL

    Hei Ethel. Thanks for dropping by. That particular pic of Tanya is very special to me 🙂

  16. Ate Ann I changed it again since the first template was sooo bland and now its more girly

  17. Wow.. nice pics the sculptures are great 🙂 specially the one with Tatyana luv it! very nice pic.

  18. And I think I should call you Ate Ann as well since it will be more polite. I still feel squeamish in even calling my teacher the first name. At first I always call her ma’am and she insisted that I should call her by name. And Norwegians are not into formalities. But cant help it I am such a polite person.. lol!!

  19. yeah the sculptures are astoninshing! By the way, i havent seen any Filipinos in Bergen. Seen some in Oslo though and also in Helsinki.

  20. Wow I think thats a nice place to establish a barangay!

    Are there many pinoys there?

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