Lillehammer + (Jenneth’s Visit)

In 1994, the Winter Olympics was held in Lillehamer, Norway.

Lillehamer 1

A scary ride (I am scared of heights)


Noreen (AJ’s bestfriend), Jenneth and AJ

Lillehamer 2

I am seated beside Jenneth (and scared to death) on this photo
…. Some stops …



Fishing again?


Lunch time at Jotunheimen

Mountain 2

at one of the camping places


Tatyana with some company

10 Replies to “Lillehammer + (Jenneth’s Visit)”

  1. Hello Ate Ann, please check my blog you have an assignment.Thank you

  2. okies… hey try to join the battle of the blogs as well… i will always vote for you and please vite for me!!!

  3. Charles, you are right about: every city has a distinct flavor. Kristiansand is also a beautiful city. I’ve been at the outskirts of Stavanger but never in the city center.

    hehe… sidney, I love travelling but ever since I was a teenager, I never wanted to work for the government — any government. Don’t ask me why… 🙂

  4. Looks very beautiful. You should work for the Department of Tourism of Norway! 🙂
    Seems to be a fun vacation!

  5. Yes it is so different…almost every city has a distinct flavor.. i have been to almost major cities in Norway except for Kristiansand and Stavanger which i am going later this month or whatever since my boss has some consultants there as well

  6. Give me your address! Yung e-mail ko nasa profile ko.

    Kelan ka ba pwede? Wag lang sa December kasi magbabakasyon ako sa atin. 🙂

  7. kailan mo ako iimbitahin? hehe
    pero sa pictures mo dito, kahit di na makapasyal para na rin akong nakarating diyan.

    cud we exchange postcards if u don’t mind? nagko-collect kc ako ng stamps.

  8. hei charles. Norway is such a beautiful country. I am hoping to do more travelling around. Maybe Svalbard? 🙂

  9. Wow, nice pics havent been to Lillehammer yet but soon I will be..hehehe.. Travel around Norway first before Europe..

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