A Little Time Out from Everything

I always say: Work is where you get your money from. It is not what you live for. It puts bread on the table. That is what is is. Somehow for awhile, I forgot all these. For some months now (probably even years), my work was taking over my life and my family life.

I thought that putting up some pictures on my blog was relaxation enough. Therapeutic as it is, it was not enough. Some weeks ago, it became almost impossible for me to sleep because of all the problems we had with suppliers and late delivery. Physically and mentally, these drained me. It reached to the point where I was sleeping 3 to 4 hours a day. Like any machine without maintainace, it breaks down… I did. Sometimes, it is too late until one realizes that everyone has a saturation point.

I vaguely remember how I got to the hospital and I do not remember a few days of my stay. When I finally realized what was going on, I felt guilty I was there. I kept thinking of all the responsibilities I have. My family and my clients and the business. The problem was, I always feel guilty when I relax. When I was at the hospital, I was not allowed to do anything but think of myself. For the first time for a long time, I did. I forgot how lovely it is to just be alone in the sauna sweating, or how reading a good novel makes you run away from reality, or how the jaccuzzi makes your tensed muscles relax, or how a 30 to 40 minutes walk in the woods makes you feel free, and I can go on and on. I used to think that I am an expert when it comes to relaxation.

There is nothing wrong with working hard but every now and then, we need to have a little time for ourselves to be able to have better relationships with our loved ones and friends and to be able to be more effecient with the things that we do.

This is why I have been away for awhile — I took a little time out (the hard way).

22 Replies to “A Little Time Out from Everything”

  1. Thanks for the greetings Dr. Abner! Happy Christmas to you too!

    Charles, wala pa nga! It would be my way of thanking you. 🙂

  2. Thanks sooo much Ate Ann… Just thinking of those makes my mouth water

  3. I hope you are ok now. Take time to relax and unwind. Take it easy.


  4. Glytch, thanks for dropping by…
    Charles, I will buy them for you.:)
    I will put them on my list

  5. Hello Ate Ann. Thanks for dropping by on my blog. ANd ate I think I like some dried fish like danggit or pusit. Is that possible ate ? I just really miss those..hehehehhehe

  6. Hei Charles!
    …. that would be nice. I saw what you did with My e-lotto Experience Blog — 🙂 Nice Colors.And thanks in advance for featuring my blog on your site. Dai ko ng utang sayo ha!

    Thanks Owen and Neng! I will try to relax in the Philippines this time. 🙂

  7. hallo AL, glad ur back. na-over fatigued ka pala. ingat lang, huwag sagarin ang pagpapayaman. hehe
    dapat pagyamanin din ang soul para balance. happy trip nga pala, magpahinga ka nang maige sa Pinas. huwag mo ring kalilimutan na kumustahin si tita Glo! pakisabi na lang na paskong pinoy ay di lang para sa mayayamang pulitiko.
    nakakaawa mga kababayang naghihirap dahil sa palakad nila.

    gute reise! magpo-post ka pa naman siguro bago umalis…dalaw na lang ako uli. tschuess (bye)

  8. Thank you Ate Neng for the offer. I will think about it as well. It’s good that your back since I also miss your blogging. Take care always and remember relax and have fun. mwuahh . Hey ate do you like a new comment system similar to mine ?

  9. Thanks Sidney! It just got out of hand… I will however take this as a warning. Enjoy your Christmas in Belgium!

  10. When you have your own business it is not easy to relax and keep some distance from (too much) work and stress.
    I think it is important to put everything in the right perspective and realize that life is too short. We are not in this world to only work but we should also enjoy our lives.
    I wish you a very nice stay in the Philippines and a great Christmas with your family!
    I am going back to Belgium to enjoy the cold (and maybe some snow).

  11. ps. Owen, I was over fatigued and I was mentally drained. In other words — I broke down and was at the “nuthouse” for 8 days. LOL

  12. Hei Ethel, Thanks for dropping by. I would have invited you to over for a 45 minute sauna, kaya lang mahal ang pamasahe.

    Laureen, I hope you learn from my mistake! 🙂

    Hei Sha and Owen, thanks! I feel much better. I think my trip to Manila (in 2 weeks) will do me good.

  13. whatever happened, im glad you’re ok now! and back to the blogosphere!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. i heard the same thing before. ive never been in that situation coz ive never had a job yet, but it has been said to me time and again that people need a break from work sometimes too. glad to see you’ve taken that break and now feel more relaxed =) tc now.

  15. HI Al,
    Glad ur back! 🙂 thanks for the greetings,:)
    Huh! Sauna luv it hehe..super pawis anoh!
    Take care and have a great week!

  16. John told me that you called but they put my phone away at night at the “nuthouse”… Let me know what you like me to bring for you before I leave. You have 15 days to think! 🙂

  17. Hello Ate Ann. I am so glad that you are alright now. I sent an SMS as well and also called you back through the mobile phone or the number that you used when you called me but it was husband I think who answered the phone. So I said I guess I should call back when you are better.

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