Minette’s Visit

In 2003, Minette, a friend from Lufthansa Town Office (Sales) in Manila, visited us for a few days.



Angelika Jane and Tatyana
Tatyana and Angelika Jane Playing on the ice
Minette and the kids
Minette and the kids
After 5 years living in Norway, I am still fascinated about the sea turning into ice.


At Vigeland Park (by the Monolith)

Bjørnstad Family

Me and my family

18 years ago, in my sculpture class, we studied some of Vigeland’s work not knowing that I would see the real ones in my lifetime. The park has over 200 fascinating sculptures. Everytime I am at this Park, I see something new and something to ponder about.

Family Visit in 2001

In 2001, we were blessed with another child in the family. We named her Tatyana. She was named after my husband’s favorite Russian child Tatyana Govor – who lives in Novo Sibir and now 13 years old. We had a Tatyana’s baptism in December 2001 and invited my mother and aunt to attend.

Mommy Elda and Tatyana

Mommy Elda and Grand daughter Tatyana

Tatyanas Baptism Party

Godparents Hanna, Ola, Grandmother Mommy Elda, Bestefar Dagfin and Auntie Bot