Things to do in Rural Ullensaker

The basic norwegian law is made in this building. And the Norwegian National Day (17th of May) was born here.
Ready… Aim… ???
Hurdal Sjøen
Serious discussion?


Isn’t it nice to see kids away from the pc or tv once in a while?

Synken – Gold Mine (1897-1907)

This mine is not in use anymore but is open to public. Basically, the miners during this period did not have any big find but it was interesting to see how they worked and lived.



at the mines


A lot of minerals and precious stones can be found at Smaragdgruvene. Unfortunately, we were not so successful on our hunt for wealth.




5 Replies to “Things to do in Rural Ullensaker”

  1. Looks like a great place ! Some fantastic rock formations. I should visit your place one day!

  2. ngek! kaw talaga neng… thanks pero palagay ko malayo akong maging proff. 🙂

  3. Oh Ate Ann nice photos!!! What time of the year was that taken Ate ?

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