Angel-Jane’s Belt

Last weekend, my daughter Angel-Jane, moved up to brown with white stripe in Nanbudo . I am not into martial arts or any sport at all for that matter but I am proud of her accomplishment.


Angel Jane (

13 years old and KICKING!!!!



The leaders and Nanbu himself

Black Belt

Black Belters


A.J. and some teen karate enthusiasts




A.J and Kaia


Folks do not do this at home…


Awaitng anxiously for the results

18 Replies to “Angel-Jane’s Belt”

  1. hahaha I did kung fu when I was young I was new here in Greece after a year they wanted to put me in a competition. I freaked out I could barely speak greek then.

    wakas na ka pasok ako may special code yata mag comment dito;-)

  2. Hei ju, just wait. It will come. Malay mo para palang si Einstein yan! You know how it is with kids, we should let them go their own pace. See you soon.

  3. ang galing naman ni jane! congrats…. minsan i wonder kung ano magiging talent ng anak ko. i enrolled my son once sa taekwondo and paid for one month. guess what? he lasted only three days;) sayang ang pera ko!!

  4. Hei Charles! I hope that you can find a band — I was thinking, why don’t you form a band yourself? It may take time to find talents though.

  5. Yeah so true thats why I am looking for bandmates instead ate Ann. Hopefully I can find one who needs a vocalist

  6. 🙂 Thanks Ethel! Minsan helping teacher siya sa mga maliliit. Punta ka dito? 🙂 Mahal ang pamasahe kung weekly ang session.

  7. Hei Owen, it is amusing to have a teenager. Sometimes she makes me feel young, sometimes she makes me feel old. 🙂 I am looking forward to next year when she receives her brown belt.

  8. may teenager ka na palang baby? wow!

    ang galing, a milestone for her! and for you in that matter.

  9. Hei Sidney! At least she has a certain time of the week where she doesn’t sit infront of the computer or tv. You know … teenagers…

    Hei dops, good you are back. I can even have her as my bodyguard when she is 18. hehe

  10. wow… so you dont have to worry about your daughter’s safety hehehe..she can well defend her self, what with those kicks and chops…tztztz better not to mess with her then, hehehe…

    thanks for the visit, and have a happy christmas in advance po jan sa inyo…


  11. Great! At least she will be able to defend herself!
    Sport is good for young people! They have so much energy…
    Nice series!

  12. Hei Charles! Are you going to study voice lessons? Wow. It is quite hard to find a voice school here isn’t it? Unlike in the Philippines, it is everywhere!

  13. Congratulations!!! I was planning to study Aikido before because the instructor was cute. I think I will be enrolling here as well on that but I am looking for voice lessons first!!!!!

  14. Neng, hindi pa huli ang lahat. I am sure di nila dudurugin ang mga buto mo. Talagang sporty ka!

  15. ganyan din sana ang gusto kong matutunan na sport noon kaya lang ang lalake ng mga aleman, baka madurog mga buto ko. hehe

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