Akerbrygge (Benneth’s First Visit to Norway)

Akerbrygge . If you are looking for a good place to eat overlooking Oslo fjord or just a place to hang-out . This is the place to be. Shopping, dining, good time, hotels and many more!







Terje Gewelt (A jazz artist and one of our dearest friends) performed at one of the boat restaurants. If you are a jazz enthusiast, you might want to check his website http://www.resonant-music.com)

6 Replies to “Akerbrygge (Benneth’s First Visit to Norway)”

  1. Hey thanks for the message… I do have relatives from meycauayan… 🙂 am originally from valenzuela. 🙂

  2. Hello everyone!! Been there at Akerbrygge last summer before I went to Finland

  3. Hei Sidney, I recommend Akerbrygge in the summer. This is the first visit of my cousin to Norway. I will be posting some pics on norwegian winter.

  4. Lovely pictures! Beautiful port. And you even got nice weather… or is this from long time ago?

  5. Hei Neng! God Jul!
    If you decide to come over, send me an e-mail. I will work something out. Merong konting delays sa biyahe ko sa atin. Pero surely, nasa atin ako ng 17.

  6. soundz like an invitation 🙂

    lalo tuloy naging mas interesting ang Norway para sa akin.

    lapit na biyahe mo. Advance Merry Christmas! Froehe Weihnachten!

    paano naman sa norwegisch yan?

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