Benneth’s Visit

Last november, my cousin Benneth, who resides in Stockholm visited me for 5 days together with her friend Joanna, a filipino living in Germany. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of their stay in Norway (because I was confined at the loonyward LOL). I have collected some of her pictures on her first visit to Norway, though.


At Lysne (our home)


At our old house in Oslo ( Ekeberg, Oslo)


Downtown Oslo (Oslo S)


Gamlebyen (Old town)


At Holmenkollen


Olav V – King of Norway 1957-1991

4 Replies to “Benneth’s Visit”

  1. Hei Ethel, Our old home in Oslo was really special. Besides the beautiful view, we lived in a house built in 1870. In the other hand, I am also glad we moved to Jessheim, a small town with friendly people.

    Renny, nice of you to drop by. where did you live before? I promised myself that I would never go back to the loonyward :)God jul til deg!

    Sha, I miss the sunny days too! We hardly have sun these days.

  2. my heart is aching seeing these photos.. holme lahat na,
    what i missed is the sunny days or just the beautiful light.

    great photos and i really miss Oslo

  3. Hi Al! Nice pictures from the Oslo area! I know the area well as I have lived her for more than 15 years. Hope the loonyward isn’t getting the best of you :-). Have a lovely advent season.
    Greatings from another Norwegian!

  4. Wow! ganda ng kuha nila 🙂 yong view sa old house nyo ang ganda! 🙂 thanks for sharing Al, :))

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