One Lovely Winter Day

I belong to a family who loves outdoor life. Unfortunately, I am not an outdoor person specially when I know it is freezing cold outside. It was -9 degrees Celsius today. I would have stayed beside the fire place and keep myself warm but it was one of those winter days when the sun was shining and the snow has not hardened into ice. It was almost magical.

I wonder if this is a bird or a mouse (ngiii!)


-9C and Beautiful


If we are lucky, we have few hours of sunlight a day. This was one of those days.


Kids love snow!!!!


Winter days like this may be beautiful but there is a lot of work to be done.

Here is a picture of 3 generations doing winter chores.


Me and Tatyana

PS. Sidney, this is the weather in Norway right now. 🙂

16 Replies to “One Lovely Winter Day”

  1. naku miss ko na snow… wala dito
    miss ko ang frosty air
    pero sa pag tunaw naman nyan wag na
    or sa mag ice sya hahaha ayoko rin

    or madam u need no gym ang hukay sa snow yan na gym mo na yan

  2. Hei Sidney, It was worse the first years in Norway. I have learned to dress up. 🙂 We try to shorten winter by going to warm places for a few weeks.

  3. Wow! This is really cold! So much snow! I wonder how you can survive!
    I am sure it is fun for a few days… but every day… I would die for sure!

  4. Hei Ethel! Thanks… I love winter from the inside of our house. LOL!
    Mas gusto ko na ang -9 kesa +5 at ulan at hangin. Mas malamig BRRRR.

  5. HI Al, aaw grabeh ang ganda 🙂 i luv snow but don’t like winter hehe..
    ang cute ni Tatyana love her smile diba ang cute, muaahh..
    kami ngayon walang snow pero super lamig grabeh!
    wow! lapit na ang flight mo, ang saya ng pasko nyo 🙂 cge ingat kayo at sowee ngayon lang ako nakabalik dito na busy medyo 🙂

  6. Hei Ayan!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    One of the closest friends I have since childhood is Dino Deato.
    I do not know if you know him. He now lives in New York and married to Christine and has 2 kids.

    Laureen: Snow is beautiful until you have to some chores. Hehe. Just taking them to the sides so we could use the driveway takes hours. 😦

    Chelsy: magdadala sana ako para sayo sa pilipinas since uuwi rin ako. Kaya lang matutunaw. hehe.

    Charles: Love your Christmas theme!

    Neng: wala pa bang snow dyan? Ilang degrees dyan sa inyo?

    Dops: Ako din nung una gusto kong gumawa ng halo-halo until I realize manginginig ako sa ginaw habang kumakain ng halo-halo sa winter. Ako din tulad mo, so I am shortening the winter by escaping to the Philippines for a few weeks.

    BJØRNSTAD – byoernsta (lalo bang naging complicated? yung Ø ay parehong pronunciation ng o na may umlaut

  7. Wow, very nice pic, maam Al. Is it ok to make halo-halo jan? hehehe…

    before, i was really thinking of making halo-halo, hehehe, but it seems that the snow is dirty so i didnt continue, haha…

    it is nice if the snow is not yet hardening…but once it becomes ice, i really hate it…i slid several times already good thing it didnt hurt that much, hehe…

    during the winter, i really long to see earth again…i felt like kissing the soil when winter was over…

    ok, until here and thanks for the visit by the way…

    how do you pronounce/read your surname?


  8. wow! dami na snow…sana magkaroon kami ng white christmas!

    really love winter, kung may snow lang!

  9. Ate Ann what do you think of my little christmas theme on my blog .. The santa hat and the snow ?

  10. hi Al!

    i haven’t seen snow in real life hehehe…. pero sana makakita rin ako somtym 😀

    tnx for droppin… i’ll link u up.. =)

  11. i absolutely LOVE your pictures. it seems almost surreal. how wonderful it is to wake up to something as beautiful as that. i used to think i’d only see that in pictures..hmmmm, i suddenly miss california.. believe it or not, that’s where i first saw snow. hehe.

    have a happy weekend! =)

  12. I dunno Ate Ann I like the coldness . I guess I am probably a Norwegian or a Viking on my past life since when I came here I felt that I am home and there is this stench of familiarity

  13. Hei Owen! Where in the US will you be? Hehe… you are a child trapped in a man’s body ….

  14. kids do love snow! that’s why im very sure i will love it too. 😉 im really praying for a snow when i go to US next week.

  15. hei charles, it was beautiful today. I was even outside walking with John. Although, my fingertips were numb when we reached home.

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