Winter Blues

Winter can be magical if darkness doesn’t get into you. I must admit that there were times that it affects me. That is why this winter, we will be in the Philippines for some weeks to shorten this period of darkness.

These pictures are taken during one of our walks. Norwegians are very fond of Sunday walks whatever the weather is. You would see a lot of families or couples strolling on Sundays.



Taken at 1:00 in the afternoon


Pitch dark at 4:00 in the afternoon:



Pictures are somewhat blurred. Taken with my phone camera.

12 Replies to “Winter Blues”

  1. Hei Beng, thanks for dropping by. My language is a little bit distorted 😦 At least I am not the only one.

    Ethel, the snowman melted. My children made their first snow man of the year in October 🙂

    Charles, thank you but these are not very good pics. Phone cameras are not really very good to use.

    Hei Renny! As I always tell everyone, I like winter. It is mysterious and magical. But I like it more when I am inside a 20 degree living room. Hehe. The best thing with winter is that I appreciate summer much more more than I ever did before.

  2. Born in Norway I just loved snow since I was a child – the more the better. There is a time for everything and after that the summer feels even better course then we have daylights late in the evening. The land of the midnight sun you know:-)

  3. Hi Al, wow! ang ganda ng snow 🙂 asan ang snowman ipagawa mo kay tatjana ha! 🙂

  4. Hello Al,

    Thanks for visiting my site and for living a trace 🙂 The description you wrote about yourself suits to me better 🙂 bakit nga kaya nagkaganun anoh?


  5. Hei dops, more snow…snow… but now everything is turning into ice. yikes! Where are you right now?

    Sidney, our plan is to leave the 15th but I think it would be moved to 17th because of some delays in delivery.

    Neng, escaping the winter nga kami e. hehe. Hayaan mo aabutan kita ng snow pag nasa Frankfurt na ko.

    Sha, I heard that type of disorder too but since I cannot remember, let us call it depression. Hehe. We bought extra lights in the living room this month.

  6. hey do u know this disorder that affects people when it gets dark.
    cant remember the name.

    well you can buy this special light to help brighten a room like an artificial sun.
    or just do like the most scandinavians . light lots of candles.
    anyway…i wish am there we can walk together tapos cafe sa frogner lol

  7. Ann, mag-uuwi ka ba ng snow sa Pinas? 😀

    pagnag-stop over ka sa amin, mag-iwan ka rin ha, para white ang christmas!

  8. When are you flying to the Philippines?
    I go in the other direction on December 17! 🙂

  9. yep…snow..snow…snow……ice…alllll over! hehehe…

    i dont like ice anymore…


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