Oslo at Night

Last night, my husband and I, had a quick walk at Oslo Harbour. I saw one of the most fascinating sailboat I have ever seen – Christian Radich. My pictures do not justify its beauty, unfortunately. From where we were, we could see the glittering lights of Akerbrygge and Akershus Fortress.

For additional input on this area, you may want to check RennyBA’s Terella . Posted by Picasa

6 Replies to “Oslo at Night”

  1. Hei Charles and Ethel, The pictures are nothing compared to this beautiful place.

    Renny, thanks for the site. I hope one day I would go on board this wonderful boat.

    neng, di pa ko nakaimpake. I sent my 13 year old on the plane today. I still have some unfinished things to do.

    sha, I hope you would come to norway again.

  2. hay naku… last time i saw radich
    last May 17th…..
    missing oslo the lights the view the water…wag lang matauban ng snow

  3. god dag Al! romantic pala gimmick mo kahapon!

    tapos ka na bang mag-impake?
    have a safe and happy trip!!!
    it’ll be great kung mag-post ka later ng fotos sa Pinas. see yaah!

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