Back To The Cold Reality

We came back yesterday from our Philippine vacation. I was not at all enthusiastic to go home. I know that I would be back to face all the problems relating to work and the cold winter. Before I go any further with my anxieties, I would like to say that I had a wonderful vacation. Almost perfect.

We flew with Lufthansa from Oslo to Frankfurt then Frankfurt to Manila. Frankfurt to Manila was via Canton, China. I must say that flying with a PAD (Passenger Available for Disembarkation) ticket has its advantages and disadvantages. We fly for a very small sum of money compared to regular passengers but we never know when the airline has a place for us. We flew on Business Class back and forth. Please do not ask how much we have paid for the tickets.

Business Class

Business Class Seats — Sky Bed

Tatyana Business Class


John and Janey Business Class

John and Angel Jane

At Gardemoen

At Gardemoen

We left with just handluggage. We came back with all these luggage!!!!

Should you have the budget to fly on Business Class, I recommend you to try Lufthansa business class. They have a superb inflight service plus the convenience of a skybed on a 14 hour flight — I say, it was worth what little we have added to get all the convenience.

My next posts would be regarding everything we experienced in the Philippines….

13 Replies to “Back To The Cold Reality”

  1. hi Al. welcome back! hehe. we do need to get away sometimes. and it’s no surprise how much you brought back from the Philippines. i’m sure i’d be in trouble when i finally go back and visit, i’ll have trouble controlling myself from shopping. hehe.

    i’m glad to hear you had a safe trip.

  2. Hei Ethel… happy new year!
    Charles, tusen takk! Sending them soon.

    Sidney, you might want to reserve your seat in advance — ask for seats by the emergency exit, they normally have more leg space.

    Jean, I have to call you one of these days. Madai ako kwento! I hope you and the girls are fine. Happy new year to you and your family!!!!(Say hello to your mom for me 🙂

  3. Hello Anna
    Happy New Year!!!!I can see that you all had a good break.The girls are looking great.Not sure about this post a comment idea but anyway this is the way to go. I am sure you have lots of stories to share.We are in summer season…absolutely warm here. I am going to see Mum next week with my girls and sister for a few days.
    Nice you are back in the freezing temp(hahaha). Jean Wilkinson

  4. I agree, I can’t (and don’t ) complain about Lufthansa’s service. Just that the airplanes are build for small people and not for giants like me.

  5. Hello Ate Anna!! Velkommen tilbake!!! I miss you also here!! and by the way, thanks for the dried fish in advance!!

  6. Hi Al, happy New Year! welcome back! Nabusubukan ko rin ang Luftansa (frankfurt-Dubai) the best, pero going pinas di pa. I will try next. Happy weekend!!

  7. Neng, may tuyo akong dala kaya lang nakalimutan ko ang bagoong at itlog na maalat. Hehe.
    Hei Renny, Nothing like recharging batteries! 🙂
    Abner, nasaan ka na ngayon?
    Sidney, like I said, I could never afford a business class ticket if not for our airline privileges. But hey, Lufthansa Economy Inflight Service is not that bad either! (I am not partial just because I used to work for Lufhansa).

  8. Welcome back! Happy to hear you had a nice stay in the Philippines. I am looking forward to read about your adventures here.
    I also fly Lufthansa but in Economy. I am a tall guy and I could use Business class but I don’t think I can’t afford the price difference. I am flying twice a year with my family and in the end I don’t want to spend too much money for 14 hours of travel.

  9. ei al! welcome back to reality… buti ka pa nasa malamig. hehehehe sorry di ako masyado nakakapag internet… nasa jurassic age uli ako hehehehe


  10. Welcome back Al – I’m so glad you’ve had a splended time and a great vacation. I’m anxious to hear more, so please keep us posted!
    Renny 🙂

  11. welcome back Ann! miss yaah…
    d best talaga ang Lufthansa! alam mo naman mga aleman, hard to please (rightig oder gar nicht).

    so, saan na pasalubong naming tuyo? 😀

  12. Hei sha! If not for our privilege, I could never afford business class! I was so surprised kasi business class on 747 planes, hindi skybed.
    Hehe — naparami ang shopping sa tiyangi…

  13. I have flown with Lufthansa Business before..and the germans do know what is meant by service!
    Service with quality.
    I was a bit “lost” on those huge chairs am too small you know.

    anyway am not surprised you came back with those luggages

    to beat the blues just look at yr shopping

    ok we shall wait for yr photo streams… we do look forward.

    and just enjoy the whiteness of oslo.

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