Go Where Nothing Happens

More and more people (like us) would like a nice quiet vacation. Away from mobile phones, e-mails, faxes. Away from other tourists and annoying vendors.
When we arrived in Manila on 21 December, we stayed at Eurotel Las Pinas for 1 night and went to Candelaria, Zambales right away. Candelaria is a small sleepy town. It is the second to the last town of Zambales. There are no telephone lines in this town – this means no internet connection or fax machines. Just a few years ago, there was only 1 place in the whole town you can get a mobile signal. Now, there is a mobile signal “almost” eveywhere. There are 2 karinderias (canteen), maybe 20 stores selling the same things, 1 big resort with restaurant, videoke and disco – Dawal. If you need to widthraw cash, you must go to the next town, Sta. Cruz which is 15-20 minutes away.
My mother’s family came from this place. I have been going to Candelaria ever since I can remember. Very little has changed in this town over the years. It is still the charming sleepy town that I love.

Image0026 Image0018

Image0013 Image0022 Image0031

This is where we stayed in Candelaria: Sunbloom resort

Image0079 Image0135

Image0142 Image0067

Sunbloom resort has no kitchen facilities but they can prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner upon request except on high season. You can make your own food or eat at Dawal Resort which is a stone throw away. The resort is clean and comfortable. Friendly staff. All rooms have airconditioning unit. Room per night 1000 pesos. A little price to pay for a relaxing stay.

All photos are taken by my brother, Alvin Pangan.

13 Replies to “Go Where Nothing Happens”

  1. hi. i’ve been browsing the net for info on how to get to candelaria. i haven’t been to that place. unfortunately,i’m the one driving and i’d hate to get lost. if you can help me by telling me the roads i should take, or better yet, point me to a roadmap, i’d be very grateful. please send me a reply at http://forsaketh.multiply.com. thanks a million!


  2. once again, your pictures are breathtaking. makes me wish i was right there.

  3. The tranquil look of the place makes it a great vacation spot.

    nice pics too! it captured the best essence you can get from the place.

    Happy New Yeat!

  4. Sidney, my brother is an art director. I agree, he is talented. He does this for a living. 🙂 Candelaria is a great family place. Highly recommended!

  5. Your brother is a talented photographer. I like those pictures. They express exactly the mood of the place.
    I should visit that place!

  6. Sari2. You should try Candelaria, Zambales. 🙂 There are still a lot of places like this in the Philippines. You find them everywhere, just avoid tourist areas.

    Sha, 1000 pesos is about 17 euro. Cebu is similar to Manila in a way, no? Boiling. I think that is what makes them special.

    Ajay, crossing my fingers.

    Ethel, thank you! How is school?

    Renny, 🙂 It is not so bad to be away from technology once in a while. I assure you, you would survive. 🙂

    Charles, I agree, very calming. I think going around Vestlandet will give you the same effect. Take one of those fjord trips.

  7. ate it looks sooo nice and also very calming as well. i miss the beach

  8. Sounds like a wonderful place and I’m glad you had a nice quiet vacation. Even I could survive there now since they have mobile signals everywhere. That means I could connect to the net and would not go crazy.
    Renny 🙂

  9. wow..what a place, i remember that old house of my grandparents 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Al,.

  10. Ang ganda ng photos. Balita ko nga magaganda ang beach sa Zambales eh. Sana matuloy ang inyong resort, reunion tayo diyan,hehe. Thanks for the pics.

  11. I HAVE NOT BEEN TO ZAMBALES LET ALONE CANDELARIA. i love the houses Al, medyo rustic pa nga talaga. Ang bayan ko sa cebu di na bayan… its chaotic big messy!
    magkano ba ang 1000P sa €.
    sure you had a great time!

  12. i have been to zambales but never to candelaria. this is the type of place i would love to spend my vacation–rustic, quaint and away from the usual tourists. unfortunately my family is based in manila, but we always look forward to leave the city. i always look forward to going home every year, and the nice photos you shared just made my longing more!

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