Go Where Nothing Happens

More and more people (like us) would like a nice quiet vacation. Away from mobile phones, e-mails, faxes. Away from other tourists and annoying vendors.
When we arrived in Manila on 21 December, we stayed at Eurotel Las Pinas for 1 night and went to Candelaria, Zambales right away. Candelaria is a small sleepy town. It is the second to the last town of Zambales. There are no telephone lines in this town – this means no internet connection or fax machines. Just a few years ago, there was only 1 place in the whole town you can get a mobile signal. Now, there is a mobile signal “almost” eveywhere. There are 2 karinderias (canteen), maybe 20 stores selling the same things, 1 big resort with restaurant, videoke and disco – Dawal. If you need to widthraw cash, you must go to the next town, Sta. Cruz which is 15-20 minutes away.
My mother’s family came from this place. I have been going to Candelaria ever since I can remember. Very little has changed in this town over the years. It is still the charming sleepy town that I love.

Image0026 Image0018

Image0013 Image0022 Image0031

This is where we stayed in Candelaria: Sunbloom resort

Image0079 Image0135

Image0142 Image0067

Sunbloom resort has no kitchen facilities but they can prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner upon request except on high season. You can make your own food or eat at Dawal Resort which is a stone throw away. The resort is clean and comfortable. Friendly staff. All rooms have airconditioning unit. Room per night 1000 pesos. A little price to pay for a relaxing stay.

All photos are taken by my brother, Alvin Pangan.

Back To The Cold Reality

We came back yesterday from our Philippine vacation. I was not at all enthusiastic to go home. I know that I would be back to face all the problems relating to work and the cold winter. Before I go any further with my anxieties, I would like to say that I had a wonderful vacation. Almost perfect.

We flew with Lufthansa from Oslo to Frankfurt then Frankfurt to Manila. Frankfurt to Manila was via Canton, China. I must say that flying with a PAD (Passenger Available for Disembarkation) ticket has its advantages and disadvantages. We fly for a very small sum of money compared to regular passengers but we never know when the airline has a place for us. We flew on Business Class back and forth. Please do not ask how much we have paid for the tickets.

Business Class

Business Class Seats — Sky Bed

Tatyana Business Class


John and Janey Business Class

John and Angel Jane

At Gardemoen

At Gardemoen

We left with just handluggage. We came back with all these luggage!!!!

Should you have the budget to fly on Business Class, I recommend you to try Lufthansa business class. They have a superb inflight service plus the convenience of a skybed on a 14 hour flight — I say, it was worth what little we have added to get all the convenience.

My next posts would be regarding everything we experienced in the Philippines….