Seafood Anyone?

At Dampa (Paranaque City, Manila)

Sinigang sa Miso
Tulya (shells) with Butter and Garlic

Crabs and Seaweed Salad
Lobsters with Chili sauce

Nothing like San Miguel Beer and Seafood Dinner
Fried King Prawns


The good thing about eating at Dampa is that you get to buy your own fresh seafood at the wetmarket and bring them to the restaurants around and they will cook them the way you like it. We spent 3200 pesos (51 euro) for 1,2 k lobster, 1 k squid, 1,5 k fish, 1 k shrimps, 1 k shells, 2 k crabs. We paid the restaurant 1200 (19 euro) pesos for cooking everything and for the rice and salad. I say, it is money well spent for.

19 Replies to “Seafood Anyone?”

  1. You bet I would. Sana magkasabay tayoung umuwi πŸ™‚ we’ll surely more have fun.

  2. Hei Beng, Dampa is located along Sucat Road Paranaque City. If you are coming from NAIA, just follow Sucat Road (to the South). After 10 to 15 minutes driving, you will find a Dampa on your right side. You will see a place with a cluster of small restaurants and a fish market. Beside it, is Boracay (same as Dampa).
    I think you will enjoy Dampa as much as I did. πŸ™‚

  3. Al,

    Where is Dampa located? Heard it for the first time ;). I am curious to know…may balak lang palang pumunta. Hmmm, naglalaway ako sa pagkain.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

  4. Sha, we can plan our filipino vacation if you like. πŸ™‚ Maybe you can show me Cebu Island? I will show you some places in Luzon.

    Charles, πŸ™‚ I told you! Anyway, try to fry the daing when nobody is home and use a lot of Xit after cooking.

  5. oic thats cool! Thanks for the daing ate ann! I cooked some of it immediately at home and my god the whole house stinks. heheheheh I opened all the doors and windows at once

  6. heard about this dampa
    but we have a similar expercience in Cebu
    this money you paid is worth every penny Al
    with these delish food here

    PS pala i have not been to Romblon
    sama tayo next time
    i can see pwede nga tayo mag sama hahaha

  7. Charles, even if we are here in norway, there are some alternatives — like the norwegian king crabs is really good and you can cook it the filipino way.

    Ethel, naparami talaga ang kain ko nun. Hindi na nga makadighay sa dai ng nakain. hehe

    Owen, there are other places like Dampa now. Boracay (very near Dampa)and Seaside (the original in Baclaran)

    Rachel, I think by the time you were in Batangas, I was already in Norway. Too bad, di tayo nagabot.

    Renny, it is quite an idea isn’t it? I might make a business plan and take you as one of my investors. LOL

    Sidney, I think it is a brillant idea too. I think that this idea would click in Europe especially in Norway since we have so much seafood here.

  8. You lived like God in France ! πŸ™‚
    Sounds good. You buy your own food and let the restaurant cook it. Maybe a concept we should introduce in Europe!

  9. What a creative way of doing business. With al this see food available right out in the fjord by Oslo, we aught to start our own Al! Delicious pics too Al πŸ™‚ – thanks for sharing!

  10. sarap! i’ll ho for the crabs hehehe..

    so ur still in vacation… hmmm.. sayang pala if nasa Batangas pa ako, kahit man lng sa pier nagkita tau.. πŸ˜›

  11. Dampa has always been a nice place to hang out with friends. you’re right, money well spent as the place is real cheap.

    i miss dampa!

  12. asus! hehehe ibig sabihin walang natira sa kinain nyo inubos mo lahat kaya nabuntat tummy mo hehe..

  13. Ate!!! It looks all tasty and I now I truly miss the food back in Cebu!

  14. Hei Nino! Glad you dropped by. You can choose among a lot of restaurants to make your food. Very festive atmosphere pero lahat yata may videoke.

    Ethel, naikain ko naman kayo ni neng nung nasa dampa ako. Nabundat ako ng husto! Kasi siguro pang 4 na tao yung kain ko.LOL

    Neng, kung mauuwi ko lang lahat! Kaya paguwi mo, kumain ka ng kumain kasi pag dating natin dito mahal na.LOL

  15. ^^sama mo na rin ako manay ethel!^^
    wala ka bang iniuwi Al? hehe

    70 euro lang? hmmm…pang-isang tao lang dito yan ah! tiis na lang muna ako 😦

  16. Yay! ang tsalap tsalap hu hu hu tulo laway ko dito. Palaway ka talaga Al πŸ™‚ ginutom tuloy ako.

  17. Yum! I love crabs and shrimps, but the others, no way. Hehe. I’ve never been to Dampa, sad to say, but as I’ve heard, the ambience there is great. Thanks for the crave! And thanks for leaving a message over my shoutbox. Next time, please leave a comment on my post! Hehe! Come back anytime! πŸ™‚

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