Conclusion On Our Philippine Vacation

For those of you who do not know, I used to work at the airport in Manila before I moved to Norway. (This was where I met my husband).I was working as ticketing/check-in/gate agent for Lufthansa. So, when we got to the check-in counter, it brought back a lot of fun and some bad memories. I was not so surprised when I have met just a few of my former collegues as most of them are now in Dubai or Abu Dhabi Airports employed by DNATA, some in London, and a few in the USA. Sometimes I miss working at the airport. I miss the excitement and meeting new people all the time and most of all, I miss going home and leaving the problem at work. I met some of my former colleagues and was able to catch up (tsismis) with some of them.

On the 10th of January, we tried our luck getting seats for the Manila-Frankfurt flight. Unfortunately, we were not taken in. Even Lufthansa employees didn’t get seats that day. My husband is employed by SAS, naturally, lufthansa employees would be prioritized. The prognosis on the next days was the same. We decided to try Manila-Hongkong on Cathay Pacific and would take Hongkong-Frankfurt from there. There were 5 flights to Hongkong on the 11th but there were like a thousand airline employees on standby the whole day. We tried again on Lufthansa that night, the configuration on the flight changed — we got seats!!! We got lucky. Flying on ID tickets (airline employee tickets) are way cheaper than full price tickets but it can be a nightmare.

Manila Airport
Lufthansa Gate

Cris at the counter. He visited us in Norway last 2002.

My aunt, Gel (saying goodbye in the aircraft)
Me and my Aunt

Although I know that my family comes to visit us in Norway whenever they can, the hardest part is saying goodbye to them. I do not have any family (from the Philippines) in Norway and it is quite hard not to have anyone here. I am sure some of you can relate to this.

Auntie Bot and Tatyana
My family (Auntie Bot and Auntie Nene, Angel-Jane, Mommy, Rylle, Uncle Jun and Tatyana

Tatyana and my brother, Alvin
3 Generations – My mom, me and my angels

6 Replies to “Conclusion On Our Philippine Vacation”

  1. I wish I could sidney. It is quite expensive. Hopefully, I would come back next winter.

  2. Indeed, going back home and leaving a part of your family behind is sad. You need to come back to the Philippines soon! 🙂

  3. Hei Neng…. latest drama,yes. I shall return 🙂 And you should too! Tama na ang pagpapayaman at magbakasyon.

    Hei Renny,in the end, I have to go home face the real life. Going away from work and everything recharged my spirits.

  4. I’m glad to know you came back home to Norway after all. Thanks for keeping us posted and shared some of you’re experiencces. I’ve had a great time reading all about it and great pictures too!

  5. so, ang drama mo ngayon ^^i shall return^^ hehehe

    soweee…’just came from faffi kaddi’s site at eto ang nabasa ko, tamang-tama naman din sa post mo. lolz

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