Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics started with the usual Italian style and grandeur in Torino today. I am not very interested in sports but I like Olympic Games.


… Too bad there is no Filipino Team ( Am I expecting too much? )…

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12 Replies to “Winter Olympics”

  1. Hei Renny,
    I know that the Norwegian team would bring home a lot of medals (like always).
    Speaking of norwegians born with skis, I finally believed it when my little one started using skis at the age of 3. No Sweat!

  2. Thanks for the support Al and the Norwegians are doing quite well despite the sikness and a wounded knee. I was at Holmenkollen Ski Jump today to recall the 1952 Olympics.
    Of course we are good winter sportsmen as we are born with skiis on you know:-)

  3. Hei Madley, I was reading your post on your friend. 🙂 I envy sporty people. I am as lazy as a cat.

  4. Hei Ethel, ako din tinapos ko yung opening. Good luck sa Luxemburg!!!

    And to you Beng, I saw that Germany won 2 gold already!!! Congratulations.

  5. Hi Al,

    Siguradong mamumulaklak na naman ang Norwegian Team ng “Gold Medals” they are topnotcher in almost all winter olympic decipline.

    Btw, have a nice weekend.

  6. pinanood ko nga kagabi yong opening ng winter olympics sa Torino, excited ako kala ko may pinas hehehe kasi ba naman may Lebanon (may snow ba dun sa kanila?)
    Pero dismaya ako walang pinas eh, hahaha eh saan naman kaya mag skiing sa karagatan hehe..
    ay, gusto ko yong uniform ng Norway, cool tsaka yong canada, ah basta halos magaganda ang mga uniforms nila.
    Napuyat ako kagabi, tinapos ko kasi hehe..
    Go go.. Norway and Luxembourg hehehe yan nalang manok natin 🙂 alang pinoy eh.
    happy weekend Al.

  7. Hei Apples,
    I hope no one fights too (especially now with the political heat).

    🙂 Takk for besøk!

  8. Awesome isn’t it? I looove the Winter Olympics – the whole world comes together to play in the snow. No one fights (*hoping*) and we’re all distracted from ‘real life’ for a couple weeks. A fantasy world that’s actually real for a while.

    I loved the opening ceremony – I usually find them boring and need a little more action (nothing like cheering till you got no breath left, then holding it the last 5km). This is gonna be great!

    Let the games begin!

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