Bambis At The Front Yard

One of the best things we have in the country side is having visitors from the forest. A year ago, I have posted on Elg ( Moose) at the back of our house – Skogens Konge. This winter, we got another visitor at the front yard – beautiful and graceful deers.

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17 Replies to “Bambis At The Front Yard”

  1. Hei Apples…
    Yes, they eat the sprouts especially when it is difficult to find anything in the forrest. Well, well, ecology…
    Thanks for dropping by.

  2. That’s awesome! They don’t come that close to my house but my grandparents always used to have visits in their garden during winter.

    They’re cute but it kinda sucks when you wake up and your trees look you had beavers visiting..

  3. Patrice. It is wonderful to see them! They are so graceful.

    Charles, Good thing I washed my feet that day LOL! Happy Beerday!!!!!! Time for Ringnes….

    Renny, I am so glad that we moved here in Jessheim. Not too far away from the city and at the same time see beautiful animals.

    Sari2. It is soooo cool and it makes me feel one with the nature 🙂

    Gabrael, like my father in law says… Each season is special in Norway.

    Neng, oo nga… sasabihin ko next time agahan 🙂

    Sha, ecology rules! Hehehe

    Talamasca. I still like the movie. I am a big fan of children’s books and movies.

    Ethel, gusto ko rin silang pet kaya lang very shy sila….

    Jeff. It has stopped snowing 2 days ago but we have over a meter of snow in the garden. I will publish some pics soon.

    Madley. There are no deers in the Philippines. I have not seen any 😦
    But there are a lot of special animals there too, like tarsier of Bohol and Monkey eating eagle of Davao… and more…

  4. How beautiful those deer are and how lucky you are! Do they have deer in the Philippines? 🙂

  5. That is cool ! Never saw deers in the wild. It must still be pretty wild in your neighborhood.

  6. hei ate anna! thanks for the message on my blog. Yeah, but anyways he is more like a bday gift for me as well. heheheh

  7. ay, ganda naman jan sa inyo Al, cguro kong ako ang nanjan gawin kong pet yang deer, napaka adorable nila 😉
    Happy Monday!

  8. danda po!!!

    d po ba sila hinuhuli, talagang pinapabayaan lng na mamasyal? hehe.. baka kac gawing pulutan yan.. nyeks! ala lng po nangungulit lng =P

  9. Waaaa! So cute! Bambi… Sheesh… I cried when I first saw that film… Well, I was younger then… You know how kids could easily get swayed… 😦

  10. i was in the US when I first saw these cute creatures that close
    I think it kept coming to my window and wanting to be friends with me ahaha

    anyway when I was living in UK the estate where I worked controls the population
    autumn comes some are shoot for me

    at the beginning I could not eat it
    but the deer consume
    and the dried meat was too good

    of course few months later I saw new ones again
    its just a cycle of life!

  11. ang aga naman ni Rudolf or nahuli sa pagbisita? hehe

    *schönes wochenende Al ~ flyday na…

  12. this is so cool to see deers on your backyard. i’ve seen some but in the forest.

  13. How lucky you are Al to have this deer in you’re naighborhoed and how wonderfully captured. These animals are gorgeus – I see them in the forest from time to time. Thanks for sharing!

  14. really nice! I manage to see some while I was taking a tour then took this short cut towards the forest back home. But they are quite shy and they have this terrific sense of smell that can detect humans feet away especially if the wind picks up the scent as well.

  15. Wow! How great is that?! The only time I saw deer was when we went to Tennessee and it was in a Park. Beautiful!

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