Ain’t No Place Like Manila

One of the highlights of my Philippine vacation was meeting some of my friends from Our Lady of Grace Academy (now St. Mary’s Academy). We have not seen each other for 20 years and I was really happy getting reacquainted with them. I still see the “Gracean” in them after all these years. (Our old school is a Catholic School for girls) Very well mannered, good conversationalists, very well poised (HAHA!). Thank Goodness we were raised well by the sisters of the Religious of the Virgin Mary :). See Annalyn Jusay’s post on our reunion here

Ervi Lacson – my very very good friend since the first grade.
Me (in the middle)
Cecille Ayubo (to the right)

Annalyn Jusay (in the middle) – Visit her blog :
Magnolia Domingo (Right)

Honestly, I was really surprised about how my friends look!!! They are more beautiful now than they were 2o years ago. It is a shame that I didn’t have so much time with them. I have such good friends during my Gracean days, I just couldn’t figure out why I did not get in touch with them after graduation. I am making up for it.

This is the place where the biggest Mall in Asia is being built

I grew up in the Philippine Metropolis, Metro Manila. It is consist of 17 cities and municipalities. The main language in Metro Manila is Pilipino which is based from the dialect, Tagalog. English is widely used. There is approximately 12 Million people living in Manila ( I do not think anyone knows how much people there are in Metro Manila— Hey but who’s counting!).

When I was in Romblon, I met a Danish man who said that Manila is not a nice place. Goodness knows what disease you might have when you are in Manila, he said. It is not the first time I heard someone makes a bad remark on Manila. I have to admit that some of the remarks I have heard are true and I think one has to live in it before one can trully appreciate it. I will not specify all these comments because I would end up defending and making excuses why Manila is what it is today.

I miss Manila. The heat. The excitement. The sound. The warm smiles. My husband and I has one good description of Metro Manila —- Boiling. I love Manila.

Glorietta (Makati City)


Greenhills Shopping Center

More shopping…

Greenhills Shopping Mall. A place where you can buy original Designer Clothes, Bags and Shoes but you can also buy all kinds of immitations- Breitling, Tag Heuer, Gucci Watches, LV bags, Shoes, shirts, pants, pirated Cd’s and Dvd’s and more

You can just guess what I had in my luggage.

Seafood Anyone?

At Dampa (Paranaque City, Manila)

Sinigang sa Miso
Tulya (shells) with Butter and Garlic

Crabs and Seaweed Salad
Lobsters with Chili sauce

Nothing like San Miguel Beer and Seafood Dinner
Fried King Prawns


The good thing about eating at Dampa is that you get to buy your own fresh seafood at the wetmarket and bring them to the restaurants around and they will cook them the way you like it. We spent 3200 pesos (51 euro) for 1,2 k lobster, 1 k squid, 1,5 k fish, 1 k shrimps, 1 k shells, 2 k crabs. We paid the restaurant 1200 (19 euro) pesos for cooking everything and for the rice and salad. I say, it is money well spent for.

Thank You Kershaw Family!

Karaoke Time !!!! (Suzanne Singing with Tatyana)
Gary Mesana

At San Pedro Beach

William and Thess Kershaw, Lisa Montojo

John, Per and Trine
Angel Jane

Vissta Swerte

On the Way Back to Batangas

Our accommodations on the boat from Romblon to Batangas was not as bad as it was on the way to Romblon. Aircon Room , Japanese Style and I did not see any baby cockroaches this time. I must say that I had a wonderful time in Romblon. Finally meeting Thess after 5 years of talking to her on the phone, meeting her husband, David, again and getting to know Lisa and Gary were the most wonderful things that we did besides enjoying the beach.

We would like to thank the Kershaw Family for making our stay in Romblon one of the most memorable vacations we had. To you David and Thess, you have been wonderful hosts!!! We hope to see you again soon.