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I have been busy the last weeks that I haven’t had a “Time Out!” I was in Stockholm, Sweden last weekend and attended the wedding of my cousin, Benneth. Even that was hectic. I took the earliest possible for me flight last Saturday (it was almost unholy to wake up at 6:00) and was hoping to catch the last flight the same day but my aunts persuaded me to stay for the night. I did not see much of Stockholm. There was just no time to go around. The little I saw was very beautiful.



Ceiling of Stadhuset / A view of Arlanda

A beautiful piece at Stadhuset


Sha’s blogs – Wanderlust and Misplaced Pinay in Greece are the blogs I frequently visit. For those of you who loves good food but doesn’t have the talent, you might want to visit Wanderlust. To take a peek on her thoughts, visit Misplaced Pinay in Greece. Impromptu, her photoblog is a must for those of you who are interested in photography.

I hope that she would one day visit Norway again so I would meet this wonderful person 🙂

My Sarisari Store

First of all, Don’t forget to visit my tenant: What Say You? Well, Mild from Malaysia has a lot of things to say! Just click on the thumbnail at the left column 🙂

I found Sidney’s photoblog last year thru Ajay’s blog . I enjoy his blog very much because of all the wonderful (and sad ) things he posts about Metro Manila. For those of you who miss Manila or the Philippines in general, Sidney’s My Sarisari Store is a very good site to visit. Sorry guys, no photos of Sidney available, this Belgian living in Manila is camera shy 😦

My Sarisari Store


Winter has been really great this year (but very long). We had quite a number of sunny days and heavy snow. This month, the temperature has been jumping several degrees. During the day, it can be +2 to +5.5 C but at night, it can be down to -25C (BRRRR)

Some photos at the cabin (Skjeberg – 10 minutes from Fredrikstad)

Father and Daughter working- Taking snow from the roof. Snow is so beautiful and so immaculate but SO MUCH WORK!

Relaxing at the terrace full of snow

Tatyana made herself a snow sofa

Tatyana playing and working

Samu’t Sari & Sundry

I have been totally busy these days doing the books (accounting—YUK). I am not good at it and I do not think I will ever be. I just have no choice! I am so problematic these days because I need to find a new accountant. It is unfortunate that Owen, who is based in Singapore, cannot help me with my accounting problems as he is half way around the world.

Samu’t Sari and Sundry – Owen FV

One of my first blogger friends is Owen. I found his blog while surfing for other blogs to visit on Read about his globetrotting, experiences and opinions.


One of the things I notice here in Norway is that they have all sorts of clubs or organization and one of them is Flight Simulator Club. We were in their annual weekend get together because my husband was helping out at the cockpit (so nothing would go bananas!).

One of the organizers is an SAS Employee and was able to borrow an MD90 aircraft. The attendees slept on the plane (if they ever slept at all the whole weekend!)

John and the kids at the cockpit
Participants flying — you won’t believe how organized it is.