Samu’t Sari & Sundry

I have been totally busy these days doing the books (accounting—YUK). I am not good at it and I do not think I will ever be. I just have no choice! I am so problematic these days because I need to find a new accountant. It is unfortunate that Owen, who is based in Singapore, cannot help me with my accounting problems as he is half way around the world.

Samu’t Sari and Sundry – Owen FV

One of my first blogger friends is Owen. I found his blog while surfing for other blogs to visit on Read about his globetrotting, experiences and opinions.


One of the things I notice here in Norway is that they have all sorts of clubs or organization and one of them is Flight Simulator Club. We were in their annual weekend get together because my husband was helping out at the cockpit (so nothing would go bananas!).

One of the organizers is an SAS Employee and was able to borrow an MD90 aircraft. The attendees slept on the plane (if they ever slept at all the whole weekend!)

John and the kids at the cockpit
Participants flying — you won’t believe how organized it is.

16 Replies to “Samu’t Sari & Sundry”

  1. Talamasca,,, just had to work 😦 Unfortunately, the first quarter of the year is really a busy time for me.

    Chas, don’t worry Odd will be there when you come back.

    Sha, looking forward to chat with you soon about your trip to Beng 🙂

    Analyse, I am hoping to get on that plane 🙂

    Hei Doc!!!! welcome back! I am stressed but hey who isn’t?

  2. hi AL! its good to be back! kumusta ka na? how’s work? i hope you’re not stressed out anymore.

  3. that’s a cool experience for the kids. i was wanting to see the launching of A380..just saw it on tv tho…swerte naman ng mga kiddos..

  4. Al; You’re welcom – any time, you know!
    Have you seen the makeover of my blog, made by the templatemaster Chas?

  5. al i was in dusseldorf
    go to beng take a time out and see the photos
    ok we had a blast…

    well I am not surprised if things went well
    this is one thing norwegians good about

    change my yahoo ha

  6. well because since Odd just recently arrived in Bergen last Monday. Met him yesterday and I was even planning to be with him on the weekends but god I have to travel.

  7. I thought you were on hiatus or something. Anyway, I hope you get your accounting stuff straightened out! 🙂

  8. Hei Neng, meron namang babaeng piloto! Sa lufthansa may nakilala akong kapitan na babae. It is not too late pero mas cool si darna kesa sa mga piloto Hahah!

    Hay naku neng, ang nakikita ko puro palabas na pera hindi papunta sa bulsa ko!!! 😦

  9. astig ni Owen ah!

    kung di lang ako naging babae, piloto din sana ako! kaya hanggang Darna na lang ang trip ko 😀

    einen guten tag noch Al (have a good day)! easy lang sa pagpapayaman…heheh

  10. Renny, hei! jeg driver å finne en revisor men hvis jeg fant ikke noen, skal jeg si fra til deg. Egentlig, jeg begynner å bli desperat fordi det er allerede Mars. Jeg sender deg e-post hvis jeg blir i panikk. Tusen Takk for tilbudet.

    Charles, why are you half-hearted?

    Owen, no sweat! You are very welcome

    Laureen, they were very excited even if they have been to the cockpit before 🙂

    Ethel, yes, he has some funny stories. Thanks for the support.

    Sidney, my husband is an aircraft engineer. 🙂

  11. Aww..busy, problematic hehe lahat may solusyon Al 🙂
    I was there pla sa hybolz ni Owen naihi ako sa tawa hehe..thanks for sharing sa nice page nya 🙂
    Good luck sa lahat! mwaahh

  12. wow, that was so cool that you got to attend a Flight Simulator Club weekend. I bet your kids were so excited to see an actual cockpit, something many of us just see in the movies.

  13. what an honor to be featured on your page! am really flattered!

    thanks again!

  14. OMG! That’s why I didnt hear anything from you. We’ll I am also somewhat busy and also on Thursday I am travelling to Stavanger and actually I am half-heartedly going to travel there. Anyways, see yah around ate!

  15. Hello Al – sorry you stucked with you’re books. Please tell me if I can help you with another accounter as I have a lot of contacts worldwide.
    Thanks for introducing us to Owen – I will visit his blog later.
    Take care and don’t forget to take some Time Out now and then!

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