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First of all, Don’t forget to visit my tenant: What Say You? Well, Mild from Malaysia has a lot of things to say! Just click on the thumbnail at the left column 🙂

I found Sidney’s photoblog last year thru Ajay’s blog . I enjoy his blog very much because of all the wonderful (and sad ) things he posts about Metro Manila. For those of you who miss Manila or the Philippines in general, Sidney’s My Sarisari Store is a very good site to visit. Sorry guys, no photos of Sidney available, this Belgian living in Manila is camera shy 😦

My Sarisari Store


Winter has been really great this year (but very long). We had quite a number of sunny days and heavy snow. This month, the temperature has been jumping several degrees. During the day, it can be +2 to +5.5 C but at night, it can be down to -25C (BRRRR)

Some photos at the cabin (Skjeberg – 10 minutes from Fredrikstad)

Father and Daughter working- Taking snow from the roof. Snow is so beautiful and so immaculate but SO MUCH WORK!

Relaxing at the terrace full of snow

Tatyana made herself a snow sofa

Tatyana playing and working

12 Replies to “My Sarisari Store”

  1. Good lord. Your winters put ours into the category of a mild chill in the air…

  2. Hei Talamasca, Well do not envy us so much… the first snow came last October 27 and there’s still snow all around. Winter is fun but it has been 5 months 😦

  3. I envy you! It’s scalding here! Heat stroke is here by me. Hindi muna ko masyado lumalabas, unless my lakad is super important! 🙂

  4. Hei Cruise, there are signs of spring but the temperature has not been going up to more that 6 degrees 😦

    Hei Renny! I am glad that you are introduced to our culture.

    Sidney,You are welcome!!!

    Kadyo, so far… still swamped with work kaya di maka-blog ng husto.

    Neng, nagtry nga ako magtinda ng halo-halo… walang gusto bumili kasi daw malamig. hehe
    Charles, looking forward to read about your stavanger trip.

    sha, 🙂 We still have a lot of snow in the garden!

  5. snow pa rin? spring na sa calendar & summer na sa pinas!!!

    i wanna go homeeeeee 😀

    magtinda na lang tayo ng halo2 Al!

  6. sidney who kidding i discovered sidney long way back a year ago problem then i was in dial up that takes ages for his GREAT (hear that sid) to download..

    oh my what snow is that.. gosh

  7. He,he… thank you for mentioning my blog !
    I am always happy to hear that people like my pictures.

    Wow! So much snow! Amazing !

  8. This is a great communety and thanks for introducing me to you’re lovely friends all over the world – I’m a regular reader to most of their blogs. My Sarisari Store are one of my favorite and I love to share eaqually about our contries with Sidney!
    You’re pictures of the winter wonder land (Norway) is gorgeus and I recomand others to visit you’re Flikr album!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. i also enjoy reading sari sari store.

    wow snow! its very hot here in the philippines but i can feel how cold there right now…

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