Besides my Aunts, I have another guest in the house from Lithuania, Dovile. She is the girlfriend of one of our carpenters, Ignas. We met her in Lithuania last year and she is such a dear. Dovile made us a wonderful Easter breakfast – the lithuanian way.

The preparation:

DSC03257 DSC03258


DSC03245 DSC03244

The breakfast:

DSC03024 DSC03269
Dovile and Tatyana / Angel Jane, My Aunts (Angelita Jane, Jevelin) and Tatyana
The breakfast that was hours to make and only a few minutes eaten.


One of the few blogs that make me laugh is Rackyroad, which is owned by Neng. This German based filipino is friendly and thoughtful. Not a special occasion goes by without an e-card from her BUT don’t make a mistake talking about Philippine politics with her because this enough would cause her to have a high blood pressure (joke lang Neng!)

Boats and Vampus Verden

Still on Winter Mode: Tatyana in my coat

When I first came to Norway, I noticed that Norwegians love to talk about weather. I thought that people talk about the weather when one is trying to be safe when conversing with others. I realized that after sometime, I started being so interested what the weather would be the next day and started talking about the weather like everyone else! AND may I say, that today was the first day in a long time that the temperature went up to 7.5 degrees celsius. Yoohoo!!!! This season has been really special.

Winter in Norway is long and summer is awfully short… at least that is how I feel. And this is the reason why I wonder why Norwegians are crazy about boats since they only have a few months to use them. Maybe,,, they got this love of the sea and boats from their viking ancestors, who are well known for their sea travelling. (After all, Leiv Eiriksson beat Christopher Columbus in discovering America). Like many Norwegians, my husband, John, is also crazy about boats… and we went to the boat show at Norgesvaremesse. Here are some photos…

DSC029761 DSC029941



drooling more….

Porche of the sea – Hydrolift… drooling more and more…


Sail boat section

One of the most interesting norwegian blogs I have ever gotten across (aside from RennyBA’s blog) is Vampus Verden. This camera shy blogger has probably the most well-read blog in Norway. If you are interested in Norwegian and world politics, you may want to visit her blog. I may not agree with her opinion all the time but reading her blog gives me another perspective on Norwegian politics. Even though I do not place comments very often on her blog, I read her entries as often as time permits me (unfortunately my written norwegian is not as fluid as the people who leave comments on her posts… )

Vampus Verden

Don’t forget to visit my 4 year old blogger tenant for the week IRVINE IN THE SKIES WITH DIAMONDS. Check it out, it would amuse and amaze you what this 4 year old can do.

The Wedding in Sweden and Charles’ Blog

So far, the weather here is the same. It even snowed today! Unbelievable but I have not seen a single tree waking up from its long sleep. The temperature has not gone up to 5 degrees Celsius. We still have half a meter of snow in the garden. This winter has been really really long.

A little piece of Norway on air


As I mentioned in my previous post, my cousin, Benneth got married (to Kenneth) in Stockholm 3 weekends ago and here are some pictures.


Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

DSC02944 DSC02883 DSC028981 DSC02891 DSC02930

The wedding was very intimate and simple. I think it was very nice. The parents of Keneth, the sister and brother in law and their cute little angel attended. On our side of the family, all my aunts attended plus me and Tatyana. The ceremony was followed by a hearty meal at Faros Greek Restaurant (goodness, the food was absolutely good!). They will have their church wedding in the Philippines and I will not be able to attend.

I was expecting to speak English most of the time in Sweden but then I understood so much Swedish that it was not necessary to. My husband’s danish aunt is here with us right now, and I am starting to get the hang of the danish language. Normally, I need an interpreter to talk to her but now, we can communicate very well (no interpreters needed. Hahaha!). This household is pretty international — I speak to the kids in English and to my husband and some filipino, I get calls from filipino friends, I speak norwegian to my parents-in-law and to everyone else, I listen to danish, I have lithuanian carpenters, I will be having my aunts next week and they speak english and zambal (a filipino dialect) to me. Now you know why my brain gets pretty messed up. I guess you are confused about me too.


One of the most regular figure on my blog is Charles, an 19 year old filipino living in Bergen. He is my IT support for this blogsite. He is the guy who helps me out with my template (which I appreciate very much). He has a very interesting and entertaining blog which I enjoy very much. His honesty about everything he goes through makes it more interesting. No wonder he has a lot of readers 🙂 For those of you who has not visited “Bend it Like A Banana, ” check it out and see what I mean.