Boats and Vampus Verden

Still on Winter Mode: Tatyana in my coat

When I first came to Norway, I noticed that Norwegians love to talk about weather. I thought that people talk about the weather when one is trying to be safe when conversing with others. I realized that after sometime, I started being so interested what the weather would be the next day and started talking about the weather like everyone else! AND may I say, that today was the first day in a long time that the temperature went up to 7.5 degrees celsius. Yoohoo!!!! This season has been really special.

Winter in Norway is long and summer is awfully short… at least that is how I feel. And this is the reason why I wonder why Norwegians are crazy about boats since they only have a few months to use them. Maybe,,, they got this love of the sea and boats from their viking ancestors, who are well known for their sea travelling. (After all, Leiv Eiriksson beat Christopher Columbus in discovering America). Like many Norwegians, my husband, John, is also crazy about boats… and we went to the boat show at Norgesvaremesse. Here are some photos…

DSC029761 DSC029941



drooling more….

Porche of the sea – Hydrolift… drooling more and more…


Sail boat section

One of the most interesting norwegian blogs I have ever gotten across (aside from RennyBA’s blog) is Vampus Verden. This camera shy blogger has probably the most well-read blog in Norway. If you are interested in Norwegian and world politics, you may want to visit her blog. I may not agree with her opinion all the time but reading her blog gives me another perspective on Norwegian politics. Even though I do not place comments very often on her blog, I read her entries as often as time permits me (unfortunately my written norwegian is not as fluid as the people who leave comments on her posts… )

Vampus Verden

Don’t forget to visit my 4 year old blogger tenant for the week IRVINE IN THE SKIES WITH DIAMONDS. Check it out, it would amuse and amaze you what this 4 year old can do.

27 Replies to “Boats and Vampus Verden”

  1. Hei Bill,,,sorry but this time my recommendation is a norwegian blogger. But hey, probably not too bad to learn Norwegian! Hehe

  2. Clearly, Blogger needs to have a translation capability. Or I need to learn Norwegian….

  3. Charles,
    I was disappointed too but I had my aunts with me the past week and it was not very convenient during the weekend to go to Fredrikstad. Next time…

  4. hello ate anna! I am back now from Fredrikstad. Its really a bit sad that I wasnt able to met yah!

  5. Hei thess, I had a relaxing easter. thank you for visiting my blog!

    Hei sidney, ๐Ÿ™‚ Tatyana loves to play “lady”

  6. Hello Al, ‘ hope you had a fine Easter!

    thanks for swinging by (my page)…I’ll be visiting here again. Have a good week now!

  7. ohh cool photos! thanks for accepting my bid ^_^ and yep, added you to my huggies list now too!

  8. Jeff, thank you for including me and my family in your prayers! I am greatful.

    Patrice, you are lucky you have summer all year round! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Easter to you both

  9. Happy Easter Al!

    Para palang Florida din, people are agog about boats. Speedboats, sailboats, etc. Not much about the weather though, it always is sunny here in FL (except during hurricane season, hehe)

  10. just came back from retreat. i did include you and your family in my prayers.


  11. Ethel, hindi na nga ako makaantay sa summer. Sana maging maganda ang summer this year…
    Beng, haha… nag about the weather! that is another way of putting it.
    Cruise…oo nga ang mahal ng mga boats. Well, I drooled at the boatshow but hey dreams are for free and good for the brain.

    Happy Easter to you all…

  12. very cute little lady…

    i wish i could have a boat of my own, i like nature, including beaces. but those were meant only for rich people.

    happy easter..

  13. Germans love to talk about weather too and I love to nag about it.

    ~Off Topic~
    Al, I wish you and family a Happy Easter.

  14. Cguro dito sa europe weather lang talaga ang nice topic hehehe..
    Boat? ganun..gusto ko yan sarap talaga pag summer. Tsaka rin pag summer andaming caravan, mostly makikita kong mga caravan ay taga Netherlands ๐Ÿ™‚ ay, grabeh maisip ko na rin ang traffic sa motorway dahil sa mga caravan na yan hehe..
    Happy easter!

  15. Talamasca, the weather here is quite special `”you-never-know-weather”:)

    Charles, like all young girls, Tatyana loves mama’s clothes. hehe

    Joey, yes, the girl is my little girl. She is now 4. I do not mind at all! Thanks for linking my blog on yours. I already placed you on my link list.

  16. that girl photo is just fab… that your girl?

    i linked your blog to mine… hope you don’t mind (titled “Time Out!” as a permanent link…

  17. Tatyana looks adorable with that fur coat! Anyways, advance Happy Easter ate Anna!!!

  18. Oh… People there love to talk about weather? That’s some interesting info. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a blessed Holy Week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. weather nga yata ang unang topic sa bawat usapan dito sa Europe! kakasawa na …:D

    wish ko na lang kayo ng Happy Easter Al! sana marami kayong mahanap na egglogs ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hei Renny, these days, I agree with you… Is there anything else to talk about ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Easter to you too…

    Hei thess, I am glad you visited my blog. The weather this season has been really weird, hasn’t it? Happy Easter to you ….

  21. Hi Al! Glad to know that your weather has reached 7.5C …I can really understand your jubilation! Winter this year was too long.

    weather is also our ‘standard’ topic

    Happy easter!

  22. Interesting thoughts about the weather – as a Norwegian I would say: “is there any other things to talk about?” ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks also for tagging my blog again Al!
    I haven’t been in Vampus Verden for a long time – thanks for the reminder!
    Have a great Easter Holiday with you’re family!

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