Summer in Norway

I haven’t been blogging for a long time (I know). I hope I would have enough drive to blog like before (0r have a drive for anything for that matter!Hah!). Good thing that my depressive state did not affect the summer in Norway. We had a great summer.

One of my friends, Mylene, who visited me last February, came for a visit and I hope that she enjoyed her stay inspite of all the bluemarks she got from the towable water toy we gave Angel Jane for her birthday.

These pictures are taken on Tatyana’s 5th birthday.

2006 005 2006 019
A Dog named Doggy Pogi Mylene and Tatyana
2006 015
Mylene, Angel Jane and Tatyana
2006 007
2006 036
Mylene and Angel Jane on the towable toy
At Skjebergkilen

Mamma, Pappa and Baby Swan

Uncle David

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