Summer in Norway

I haven’t been blogging for a long time (I know). I hope I would have enough drive to blog like before (0r have a drive for anything for that matter!Hah!). Good thing that my depressive state did not affect the summer in Norway. We had a great summer.

One of my friends, Mylene, who visited me last February, came for a visit and I hope that she enjoyed her stay inspite of all the bluemarks she got from the towable water toy we gave Angel Jane for her birthday.

These pictures are taken on Tatyana’s 5th birthday.

2006 005 2006 019
A Dog named Doggy Pogi Mylene and Tatyana
2006 015
Mylene, Angel Jane and Tatyana
2006 007
2006 036
Mylene and Angel Jane on the towable toy
At Skjebergkilen

Mamma, Pappa and Baby Swan

Uncle David

If you love poetry, you should not miss Uncle David’s poetry about his life and his views on life.

20 Replies to “Summer in Norway”

  1. Hi Al,

    Hey, welcome back, and thanks for stopping by Awareness 101! I love your new design, and those pics are too precious (the kids). Looks so nice, Norway. Someday I’ll make it over there, preferably in warm weather, as I am not anxious to see snow in winter (we get lots, too).

    Later gator, Bud

  2. Hi AL, good to see your back to blogging again – have missed you of course, but then again it is of course ok with a time out!
    Yes, this summer in Norway have been just marveleus and thank you so much for sharing some of your great moments so -well captured too!
    Wish you and your famlily a great end to your week and then I hope to meet you soon in one way or the other:-)

  3. Hei Pia,
    Nice of you to visit my blog too! 🙂
    If I were younger,I would probably try to learn other languages (to add to my confusion) but now, I am leaving it to my children to learn… heheh.

  4. hi, al. so you’re also from the philippines. i’m glad to know. i read some of your posts and i came across what you said about having your brain messed up… hehe… i can see your point because sometimes i get that feeling too. i speak english to some of my friends, filipino to some others, chinese with my family and some chinese friends and kapampangan (my mom’s dialect) to my relatives, my mom’s side. i still would love to learn spanish and french and nihonggo though. anyway, thank you for stopping by my blog and including me in your prayers. i really appreciate it.

    take care and God bless, lieve zus. 🙂

  5. Charles, next time, maybe you and odd can come over at lysne.

    Laureen, thanks I miss blogging too 🙂

    Ethel, you are one of the sweetest blogger I know.

    Sidney, I took stress tabs (with vitamin B) but didn’t work. Well, I am trying to be positive now.

    Mmy Lei, thanks you. I am glad I am back.

  6. Welcome back!
    Maybe you just need some vitamines to get your groove back !

  7. nice pictures =)

    i missed your blog. it seems like you’ve been away for like, forever. hehe.

    i love the new layout, by the way.

  8. Ethel, thank you very much. Oo nga mukhang natatapos na ang summer. Autumn is here but it has been a really good summer.

    Owen, lumalaki na ang mga bata. Di ko alam kung malulungkot ako o matutuwa.

    Charles, you are welcome here anytime!!!

    April, thanks! I think that my depression took over for awhile.

    Piolo, thanks for visiting and for the compliments

    Cruise, medyo lucky kami ngayong summer!!!

    Nino, thanks! I have been in hybernation.

    Racky, namiss ko kayo lahat! Pareho ba tayo? nangitim ako sa init! Hehe…

  9. namiss mo kami noh? 😀
    willkommen zurück!

    ang ganda nga ng summer 2006! ngayon lang din ako nag-enjoy ng ganito 🙂

    belated bday greetings kay Tatyana!

  10. Hey! Welcome back! 🙂

    Love the photos! Glad to know that you had a great summer.

  11. maganda sin pala summer sa norway, kala ko malamig dyan althoughout the year. sarap sa salbadiba habang nagpapahila sa speedboat, diba? cute daughter and friend you have!

  12. i like all the photos shown here, you have very cute daughter (like mom like daughter).

    i like also the family picture of the swanm really interesting!

  13. hi al,
    nice to see you back. hang in there. and you aren’t the only negligent blogger around. i just write a whole post about my bad blogger habits and slackerly ways. don’t stay away too long.

  14. Welcome back ate Al! I really miss your writings! Lovely pictures and I hope to meet you again soon!

  15. HI Al,
    gash! ang tagal mong nawala at alam kong babalik ka rin hehhe…
    nice pics Al, grabeh sobrang saya pala ng summer nyo jan.
    Samin naman masaya din, pero sa ngayon nag mukahang tapos na ata ang summer 🙂 malamig na sana babalik uli yong init bago mag autumn 🙂
    sana tuloy tuloy na ‘tong pag popost mo, miz ka namin sobra!
    God Bless…

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