17 Replies to “A TIME FOR FLOWERS”

  1. bloghopping..

    the flowers are cool, it really gives life and accent to anywhere it will be found and will be placed.

    nice photos of flowers.

  2. Laureen, hehe… don’t worry silk flowers are nice too (kaya lang you have to dust them instead of watering them)

    Cruise, hayaan mo baka tumama ka sa lotto… paambon ka ha?

    Talamasca, Nice to have them but a lot of job to keep them 🙂

    April, it is nice to know that I am not alone in the world.

  3. Oooooh!!! I love, love, love the photos! Greens and various hues of flowers = eye therapy!

  4. gusto ko din magkaroon ng lawn na may ganyan, kaso sa ngayon wala pa akong pambili hehehe. ganda ng mga flowers!

  5. wow, i’m touched that you featured my blog in your entry. thank you very much.

    flowers are very beautiful. sadly, i don’t have a green thumb either, so i would rather stick to the silk flowers instead. hehe.

  6. Hei Charles. Thanks and good that you like Laureen too 🙂

    Sidney, I bought some, yes, together with my mother-in-law.

  7. Hello ate Al! Lovely pictures of the flowers and I do dig Laureen’s blog as well!

  8. Hei Intern, glad you can drop by.
    Neng, naku po… hindi ako green thumbed!!!
    Kadyo, natatapos na nga ang summer dito. Kahit isang buwan at kalahti lang ang init. It was worth it.
    Doctor, I hope she had fun!
    Beng, mahilig ako sa tanim kaya lang di sila happy sa akin (buhuhuhu). I hope your mother had a wonderful time.
    Owen, you are right 4 seasons is fascinating. I just cannot get used to long winter.
    Renny, Thanks Renny. Laureen is very friendly!

  9. Beautiful flowers – what a lovely taste you have – thanks for sharing and in Flickr too!
    Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead – I’m off to Laureen:-)

  10. that;s what so amazing with places woth four seasons, once spring or summer kicks in, th eblooms are really fantastic. enjoy your flower-shopping!

  11. hello al,

    nice to see you back :). i was busy din the few months dahil bumisita dito ang mama ko and after she left, yong mga order naman ng aking clients ang inatupag ko.

    pareho pala tayong mahilig sa tanim. i have green a thumb, pero shady ang area ng aming garden so di rin ako nabubuhayan ng flowering plants. so i decided to make a small garden pond instead.

  12. yes, beautiful flowers. I took my wife on a tube last week for her first time (new boat) she loved it.

  13. ganda naman ng mga tanim mo AL 🙂

    may bulaklak kaagad! green nga ang thumb mo, heheheh!

    schönes wochenende(happy weekend)! mwuahhh

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