Saying Goodbye to Summer

It has been a wonderful summer. I am sure a lot of Norwegians would agree with me on this. I am glad we stayed in Norway this year. Last weekend, we have been lucky that the weather was perfect for a little trip on the fjord.

Image(993) Image(992)
Olseng Marina : Crane for boats / Gasoline Station

Strømstad Strømstad
Strømstad Harbour

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Strømstad is a cozy little Swedish Town where we can buy cheaper cigarettes and wine (Hehe) and half the people you meet are norwegians.

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“Beer and A boat trip: Who could ask for more?” Says Morten
“Ugh! No Catch Yet!” John and Tatyana
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We got some good sized mackerel which we had last Saturday night.
On the way back to the cabin

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Back at the cabin
The most enjoyable thing to do after fishing is sitting by the fireplace and enjoying the stillness of the night

Repair Kit

We decided to use the Ford last weekend on our usual “hytte tur” (trip to the cabin). Since it has just been to the work shop, it must be in good condition. On the way home : Flat batteries! And the batteries are quite new.


Need I say more?

, thank you again for the make over!!!

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Expensive To Keep

My husband, John, likes big cars. After having the Chevrolet Big Dooley for a number of years, we decided to buy a Ford Excursion. Before we bought this car, we asked some people how the car is. They said all the things we ever wished to hear. I did not hear anybody saying bad about this car.

From September 2005 to September this year, we spent kr. 56 000 in maintainance alone (replacement of gear box, wheel alignment etc.). Today, we fetched the car from Ford Service and paid kr 10 000 for parts and service (something was wrong with the diesel distribution). We never had big problems with cars until we bought Ford Excursion. We are tired of this car (more tired of paying bills from this car) — no offense to american cars but our good old 1991 Volvo runs and runs and runs. We probably spent kr 300 the whole year for replacing a part.

We were told at the workshop that Ford and Volvo is starting a cooperation — when this pushes through, maybe, we’d consider buying another Ford but this time, we are selling.

Expensive, high maintainance car, anyone???