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  1. 🙂 Yes, she loves taking photos like angel jane (my other daughter). Thanks to Charles for the layout.

  2. i like your new layout =)

    so Tatyana seems to be getting the photography bug, huh?

  3. Renny, the lady bugs are norwegians LOL.
    My 5 year old said — they are playing horse, Mama!

    Sidney, I have been in a lot of pressure the past months so, I have to take everything slow.

  4. Grate pictures Al and good to see you back blogging! What this Lady bugs are doing? hmm I don’t know – are you sure they are Norwegians LoL

  5. hei charles, I know I seldom post these days— it is because of the new companyand something keeps coming up all the time!

  6. Cute doggie! And gosh the ladybugs are doing it on public. lol! Nice to see that you are posting again ate! Miss yah!

  7. Hei iskoo… wild cat yung pusa na gusto naming maging pet kaya lang ang hirap hulihin. Yung aso, sa dati naming kapitbahay. 🙂

    Anyway, may pusa kami sa bahay (wild cat din). Thanks for visiting!

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