Expensive To Keep

My husband, John, likes big cars. After having the Chevrolet Big Dooley for a number of years, we decided to buy a Ford Excursion. Before we bought this car, we asked some people how the car is. They said all the things we ever wished to hear. I did not hear anybody saying bad about this car.

From September 2005 to September this year, we spent kr. 56 000 in maintainance alone (replacement of gear box, wheel alignment etc.). Today, we fetched the car from Ford Service and paid kr 10 000 for parts and service (something was wrong with the diesel distribution). We never had big problems with cars until we bought Ford Excursion. We are tired of this car (more tired of paying bills from this car) — no offense to american cars but our good old 1991 Volvo runs and runs and runs. We probably spent kr 300 the whole year for replacing a part.

We were told at the workshop that Ford and Volvo is starting a cooperation — when this pushes through, maybe, we’d consider buying another Ford but this time, we are selling.

Expensive, high maintainance car, anyone???

23 Replies to “Expensive To Keep”

  1. My friend from Tokyo visited me last month and I thought he made a very funny comment on cars.

    He said, Japanese loves German cars, Americans loves Japanese cars and Russians loves American cars. 🙂

    I know that here in America, we really don’t like American cars because in the summer, when all the cars break down due to heat, you know what kind of cars parked on the side along the highways? They are mostly American cars. He He He

    Well, having said that…

    I drive a Japanese car.

    Reyna Elena

  2. umm, i’m an american and i WILL NEVER but an american car. they really do give more problems. all my friends have american cars, and they all have problems.

  3. for me too! Cars is just for taking you from A to b. Unfortunately, we need a car strong enough to pull a trailer with a mini digging machine.

  4. absolutely no expensive cars for me. my dad even traded in our mitsubishi montero for a galant because gas was cheaper for a sedan. hehe.


  6. hey! good to see you back, i dropped by the other day and saw only a blank page… no wonder! you’ve been redesigning! me like!

  7. Hi Al, welcome back pala.
    Yeah, BIG car high maintenance talaga. 🙂
    Happy Monday jan!

  8. Sidney, it is a great car when it is working LOL

    Zingtrial, thanks for dropping by… and yes, the car looks very nice.

    Beng, I do not know if I can take all these maintainance thingy. We are contemplating on leasing a car (at least the maintainance will be shouldered by the leasing company)

    Charles, ubos na ang pera sa maintainance!

    Renny, I used to take public transportation in Oslo (very convenient) but when we moved to Jessheim, I have to walk 500 meters or more to the bus station. If I miss the bus, I would wait for 1 hour to get the next one. Not so convenient in our part of Norway.

    Talamasca 🙂 such a bliss!

    Thess, nice to look at, I agree. 🙂 I have been designing kitchens for 4 years now (basically custom made kitchens). I design doors and solutions. Your kitchen is really really nice. I do not think you would get tired of red.

  9. Oh lordy lordy, car maintenance is back breaking! but i must say, that car is cool to look at 🙂

    Al, thanks for the nice comment about my self designed kitchen. How long have you been kitchen designing?….anyway, I wish you a fine week ahead!

  10. Heheeh what an advertisement LoL Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve decide to keep my 1990 model Audi. Besides, public transpiration is a great alternative in Norway you know. A great weekend to you and your family:-)

  11. Well it looks like a cool car ate. But dang that is an expensive maintainance. Anyway, have a nice weekend ate!

  12. hi al, we had the same problem with our suzuki. last year we had to buy a new transmission and it cost us almost 6,000.00 euro including the montage. then followed by the clutch and crankshaft. we spend almost 10,000.00 for everything, then early this year another repair was due…and we gave up and decided to buy a new one. an mpv car for a big big family 🙂

    a car as the germans said…begins with ahh (admiration) and ended with ohh (problem).

  13. Hi The car looks nice ,liked reading through your blog.Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you well 🙂 .

  14. hi… thanks for the comment… nice hot car you got there… *lol

    God bless!

  15. Winsome, how cars can be a pain! I will stay in touch…

    Cruise, naku, kalimutan mo na ang dream car mo. Magisip ka na lang ng ibang dream car.

    Dops, Charles (queerchef.com), helps me with my templates. It was changed some months ago. Ingat!

  16. hi! nice to be back and your blog is sooo nice! when did you change the template? Wow, ur car is so expensive, hehe how i wish i have one, too..but not the expensive one though, hehe…

    ingat po…


  17. No expansive high maintenance car for me thank you. Will stay with my little `blue’ one. Great to hear from you again and look forward to staying in touch, with best wishes, The Artist

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