Saying Goodbye to Summer

It has been a wonderful summer. I am sure a lot of Norwegians would agree with me on this. I am glad we stayed in Norway this year. Last weekend, we have been lucky that the weather was perfect for a little trip on the fjord.

Image(993) Image(992)
Olseng Marina : Crane for boats / Gasoline Station

Strømstad Strømstad
Strømstad Harbour

Image(009) Image(010)

Strømstad is a cozy little Swedish Town where we can buy cheaper cigarettes and wine (Hehe) and half the people you meet are norwegians.

Image(981) Image(026)
“Beer and A boat trip: Who could ask for more?” Says Morten
“Ugh! No Catch Yet!” John and Tatyana
Image(053) Image(028)
We got some good sized mackerel which we had last Saturday night.
On the way back to the cabin

Image(966) Image(964)
Back at the cabin
The most enjoyable thing to do after fishing is sitting by the fireplace and enjoying the stillness of the night

15 Replies to “Saying Goodbye to Summer”

  1. Hei Renny, Summer this year is one of the best that I have experienced in Norway. And I am getting hooked to fishing (free dinner!)

    Cruise, Norway is such a beautiful country and nature here is just fantastic!

    Charles, You are most welcome anytime. We normally eat outside when we can 🙂

    Marichu, thanks for leaving a message! Will be visiting your blog too.

    Joey, actually, we do not live in strømstad but I have no problems living there too.

    Sidney, Like I told Cruise, Norway has a marvelous nature. You should visit this country and don’t forget to take your camera with you.

  2. I need to confess it looks nice! Wouldn’t expect this from a Northern country! 😉

  3. the city you live in looks really nice… one of those places where you think nothing ever goes wrong 🙂

  4. It was really nice that I had the chance to experience the outdoor dinner at you cabin ate anna! Anyway, I hope to visit you there again and lovely pictures! have a nice weekend!

  5. nice you enjoyed the view tapos may free mackerel pa, what could be better than that?

  6. What a wonderful post AL. Yea we’ve had a wonderful summer in Norway and you’ve summeriesed it the very best way. I haven’t been fishing this summer, but some years ago we had 40 makerell in 2 hours. Sitting in front of the fire and grilling the fish afterwords is the top of the cream!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful end to your week:-)

  7. Expat Traveller – yes, it is like Canadians going to USA buying cheap stuff. Actually, for us, norwegians cigarrettes and wine.

    Iskoo – fishing is very relaxing… plus I get free dinner 🙂

    Winsome – I am satisfied with the summer this year although an indian summer day in the autumn won’t be bad (but I do not think it would happen here)

    Nino – thanks. the town is really a cozy place.

    Beng – I hope you can come over too so we can meet 🙂

    Ethel – medyo nawawala na nga ang sunshine dito. Minsan sumusulpot pa rin.

    Doc Abner – Actually, telephone camera lang yung ginamit ko dito. I am still saving up for a good camera.

  8. your pictures are great! did you study photography? btw what camera are you using? kumusta po? thanks for dropping by!

  9. wow! nice place and nice pics 🙂 here in Lux too nice weather but not so hot at least may sunshine 🙂

  10. hi al,

    we had a wonderful hot hot summer here too 🙂

    hey, nice pics…how i wish i can visit norway someday.

  11. What a beautiful summer you have had. Thanks for sharing it with us. Norway sounds so special. Hope you get some special `Indian Summer Days’ during your autumn, with best wishes The Artist

  12. love mackerel, if i can still add another hobby, i would certainly go for fishing.

  13. We had an incredible sunny summer also. We had very little rain and amazing sunsets. What more can you ask for!!! Love the pics. It’s so neat to see the city and know that many go to Sweden. I guess it’s like Canadians going to the US for cheaper stuff!

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