I like kids’ books and films. One of the first norwegian films I have seen is Grand Prix and I fell in love with it. The car from the film is very popular — it is called Flåklypa.

I saw Flåklypa in a car show 2 weeks ago. I am more impressed of Ivo Caprino now more than I have ever been.

If you want to know more about the works of Ivo Caprino, visit www.caprino.no

BTW, it has started snowing in the weekend. Brrrrrrr!

15 Replies to “Flåklypa”

  1. Roger – hei! thanks for the info. I asked the people there at the car show and they said that it was just a model 🙂 Was misinformed I guess.

  2. Hi, you realy have been blogging a lot lately. 🙂 Nice!

    The car is, by the way, named “Il Tempo Gigante”.

    And it really can drive. Actually it does 0 to 100 kph in just about 6 seconds.


  3. Joey – you can say that again!

    Ethel – this particular car is not for sale. Yung mga maliliit na model car lang ang pwede bilhin.

    Laureen – there are some vintage car clubs and sometimes, you see them touring their cars.

    Sidney – Haha… I think the mob will run after you.

    CZA – 🙂 This car is not a car at all. It is just a model.

  4. Wow! That is my kind of car…
    I can already see me driving in the streets of Manila with such a car! 😉

  5. those are really cool pics! And yess the snow has started in some areas of Canada too. But it’s raining or pouring buckets here in Vancouver.

  6. wow. i’ve always liked the look of classic cars. do people still drive in them over there?

  7. Aww.. i love those cars ang gand ng old cars ngayon kaso lang mahal 🙂
    Happy weekend AL.

  8. Charles, Patrice and Juice, Flåklypa is actually not a running car. It is used in the movie Grand Prix and the one I saw at the car show was just a lifesize model. 🙂

    Patrice, Ivo Caprino is a norwegian film director and writer and he used puppets on his films.

    Renny, Ivo Caprino is a genius!

    Neng, I do not celebrate holloween actually 😦 Buti naman nagenjoy ka sa atin!!!! I am glad you are back!

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  9. naloka si hubby at ang bunso ko sa pics na ito, mga autofreak 😉

    Al, akala ko nagsawa na ako sa init at alikabok, ngayon mukhang nami-miss ko na agad … lapit na winter brrrrrrrrrrrr talaga!!!

    how’s Halloween? anong kakanin nga pala inihanda mo, nangangaluluwa ako ngayon kahit natikman ko na lang sa Bayang Magiliw, di pa rin ako magsasawa 😀

  10. I just love Flåklypa and this Ivo Caprino movie too and seen it a lot of time – a classic thriller and his characters in the movie is very Norwegian I think 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend and enjoy the snow – it’s fun not Brrr… as I take it you’ve learned how to dress as a Norwegian:-)

  11. Pimped by Charles! 😀 I love anything vintage 😉

    Have a great day.

  12. I have love old cars. My father-in-law used to belong to a car club and they would showcase old cars. Para bang Harry Potter yung book na yan?

  13. Happy Halloween to you ate! Wow what a nice car. I usually fancy classic cars

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