Airforce Museum

Since the weather these days is not suitable for having a nice walk outside, we took the walking indoors at the airforce museum (Forsvarets Flysamling at Gardermoen Airport Complex). My husband, John, who has served in the military (helicopter squad) and is also an aircraft engineer was my guide. His explanations were really detailed but I had a hard time remembering half of them (blaming it on the age). This is the second time I was at the museum and for some of my friends it would probably be a great wonder why a non-technical person like me enjoy being in this kind of museum. I love history and this museum is very informative on the second world war.

Star Engine Star engine
DSC03392 DSC03335

DSC03310 DSC03401

DSC03407 DSC03375

DSC034081 DSC034411
The entrance fee is 40 kroner (approx. 5.4o Euro)

Hvaler (Spjærøy)

Last weekend, we had to check one of our project sites in Spjærøy (Hvaler – group of islands in the East of Norway). I took some photos with my phone (as usual) while we were driving. It is a shame that our time was very limited that we were not able to stop and really enjoy the beauty of Hvaler.

Image(431) Image(432)

Hvaler a Image(446)

Hvaler b Image(443)

Image(438) Image(437)

Nope, this is not one of my ex’s… (haha)
One of our friends was out hunting for elk a few weeks ago and he gave us a whole elk calf! Thanks Jo!