Car Show



This was one of the highlights at the car show (Autofilmessa) we went to which I mentioned on my last post.

There were quite a lot of cars, and these are some of them:

14 Replies to “Car Show”

  1. Hi,Love the pic’s nice posting once again.Cool cars.
    Wish you well.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. iskoo – problem kasi sa atin hindi lahat may pang-bagong kotse.

    Joey – 🙂 that was a nice way of putting it!

  3. destruction and construction… we are also drawn somehow to see people in the process of making things… destruction is so much more fun though 🙂 if only because it equalizes everything, nothing is more important than another

  4. wow, i wish crashing of cars will happen here in phils, the highway is already congested with card, no problem is these cars are all ok, meron talaga sobrang luma na at mausok pa, sana pitpitin na yung mga cars na yun at palitan ng magaganda tulad ng mga pinakita sa post mo 🙂

  5. Ethel – oo nga lamig na!!!

    Laureen – You should… I thought I would not enjoy but I did!

    Weng – Classmate!!!! Hope you’d visit me here in Norway one day.

    Have a great week ahead everyone.

  6. Nice site! I really had fun viewing the pictures…I wish I could also go to places where you’ve been…hope to hear more from you…cheers!

  7. oh, i love your pictures, ate Al. i like the classic green one and the yellow race car right next to each other especially.

    i’ve never been to a car show, but i would love to go to one.

    hope you have a great week!

  8. Aww… mukhang maayos pa yong ibang car ah! sayang! lols.
    Honga ang lamig na noh! grabeh.
    Happy Monday.

  9. Sidney – Almost did it!

    Neng – 🙂 Glad your son likes my site!

    Nino – What do you think I did?

    Expat Traveller – We need things to do when it is raining and snowing 🙂 The little girl is my 5 year old.

  10. wow – looks like a great thing to do especially when it rains. Nice cars. The little girl in the pic, does she belong to you?

  11. OMG! I’m sooo drooling right now! I mean, look at those cars! Rawr!

  12. talagang mawiwili ang son ko dito sa site mo, bah … ayaw ng ipalipat 😉

    Happy Monday Morning Al!

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