One Autumn Dinner….

Crabs this season are cheaper . I bought these crabs for 20kr each (approx. 2.50 Euro).


Shrimps 80kr per kilo (approx 11 Euro). They are quite big.
I always wonder why Norwegian shrimps are sweeter and why can’t we buy them uncooked????? This goes with the crabs too.
(Is it because Norwegian sea is colder?)

Blue Mussel. I think we paid 25kroner (3.30 Euro) a kilo for them.
Buttered with garlic — ovenbaked

As usual, I ate them with rice while the rest of the family ate them with Baguette.

17 Replies to “One Autumn Dinner….”

  1. wow, i am drooling. i really miss eating fresh seafoods! you are very lucky that you have a lot of those there. i also prefer eating seafoods with rice.

  2. Iskoo, Nino, Abner, Charles, Raquel and Cruise – tayong mga pinoy mahilig talaga sa mga seafood!

    Renny and Ethel – thanks! I wish you both a nice week ahead.

  3. wow ang sarap ng seafood, fav ko yan mga yan, kapag weeeknd nag fo-food trip ako ng seafoods. sarap siguro ng lasa ng mga seafoods sa norway )

  4. Hi AL. Here to wish for a lovely weekend and inviting you my one year anniversary:-)

  5. Wow ang sarap naman nyan. This year I was in the Philippines for 3 months. AY nakow, di talaga ako nagsawa sa mga seafoods dun. Ang crabs natin din malaman talaga.

  6. Hi Al, dumaan lang para e greet kita ng happy weekend na sana maraming sunshine hehhe

  7. OMG! We haven’t had crabs in like, ages! Ok I’ll go tell my mom to amass me some… “gata” style! Yum yum yum! Kthnxbye.

  8. sa tingin pa lang mukhang matamis nga at fresh, siguro kaya lutyo na para siguradong fresh ang lasa. isa ako sa mahihilig sa seafoods 🙂

  9. Sidney – you are starting to behave like us…
    Joey – sabi ko naman sayo welcome ka dito 🙂
    Renny – now is the time for all the good seafoods
    Laureen – Baguette with shrimps and crabs is not really bad at all… kaya lang di ako mabusog. hehe
    Ethel – hehe… yan din yung sinabi ko nung nakita ko ito sa grocery
    Neng – kasi naman norway is big in fishing kaya may season na mura. buti naman nagenjoy ka sa akin

  10. buti na lang nagpakasawa ako nyan sa Pinas … mas mahal sa amin ah, almost 20 Euro/kilo kaya palunok-lunok lang ako 😀

    pero mas magastos naman kung dito pa ako sa Norway mamamalengke Al! heheh

  11. awww.. yummy! peborit ko talga ang sea foods lalo na yang crab yummy!

  12. i’m not much of a seafood fan, but these sea creatures you pictured are the few that i enjoy eating.

    di ko yata ma-imagine lasa ng seafood with a baguette. hehe. im sticking to rice, too =)

  13. Yummmy – you know I love sea food Al and since they now are relatively cheap in Norway I will suggest to my wife we have it the coming weekend. Thanks for the tip:-)

  14. pakain ako!!!! difficult to get fresh seafood here, waaaayyyy inland. ingit ako!

  15. Yummy! Are you the only rice lover at home?
    I don’t think I would eat crabs and shrimps without rice anymore! 🙂

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