Hvaler (Spjærøy)

Last weekend, we had to check one of our project sites in Spjærøy (Hvaler – group of islands in the East of Norway). I took some photos with my phone (as usual) while we were driving. It is a shame that our time was very limited that we were not able to stop and really enjoy the beauty of Hvaler.

Image(431) Image(432)

Hvaler a Image(446)

Hvaler b Image(443)

Image(438) Image(437)

Nope, this is not one of my ex’s… (haha)
One of our friends was out hunting for elk a few weeks ago and he gave us a whole elk calf! Thanks Jo!

16 Replies to “Hvaler (Spjærøy)”

  1. Ethel – umuulan at malamig brrrrrr!
    Ramo – You are welcome!!!
    Iskoo, Nino, Cruise, Charles, Sari2, Joey – Elk is similar to beef but it has a tinge of taste of the wild. There are a lot of ways to prepare Elk meat. Some parts you can make steak with, some parts you can grind, some you can make a pot of stew and many more. We normally eat elk with juniper berries (einebær, used as a spice) and cowberry (jam)and of course you may eat it with your favourite vegies. I might blog about the way I prepare elk one of these days.

  2. wow! i’ve never had an elk before… what does it taste like? what do you usually cook it with?

  3. Elk? sounds very interesting! do you have a special recipe for this?

  4. As always, lovin’ the photos!

    Elk meat, huh? I wonder how’s the taste like? Chicken? ;-p

  5. Nice pictures ate Anna! I havent taste elk meat yet and I wanted to try it sometime.

    How does it taste ate ?

  6. sana ganyan din phone ko, maganda ang quality ng picture ng cam mo.

    elk? di pa ako nakatikim ng elk, masarap siguro!

  7. Tor – maybe it is time to visit fredrikstad again 🙂 Thank you… I think we will have a lot of elgstek this winter

    Ethel – ang telepono ko medyo antik na nga kung ikukumpara sa iba. first generation camera phone heheh. Nokia 6600.

  8. Al, ganda ng pics ibig sabihin ganda ng phone parang magka parehas kayo ng phone quality ni RnnyBa 🙂

  9. AL, thank you for sharing your weekend to Hvaler – a beautiful archipelago, which I have not visited for years, even though we have friends in Fredrikstad and live in Oslo. Hope you’ll have many delicous moose-meals during the winter.

  10. Raquel – medyo luma na nga ang telepono ko (6600) pero in top condition pa rin. Merong mga telepono na mas maganda kumuha ng pics. Pero thank you sa compliments.

    Expat – I am browsing your flickr site too 🙂 I think I was the same when I was your age but age is starting to be a nuisance when it comes to waking up in the morning LOL. I design furnitures so I prefer to work at night when everyone is sleeping.

  11. hey Al,

    That looked like a beautiful drive. Love the colors. Now I must check out your flickr site, I’m on there too..

    As for waking up earlier, maybe it was my time swimming at 4am that did it to me. But really I just hate wasting my time, day or night. I’m sure if I could, I’d never go to sleep instead. I was practically doing that for a while too.. LOL – my early 20’s ah…

    What type of work do you do?

  12. Wow, ang ganda ng view, cool na cool. Ang ganda rin resulta even it took from your phone. Some phones are not clear kase.

    I haven’t seen an elk calf animal yet. But, whoooaw, fresh na feash tingnan yung karne.

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