Airforce Museum

Since the weather these days is not suitable for having a nice walk outside, we took the walking indoors at the airforce museum (Forsvarets Flysamling at Gardermoen Airport Complex). My husband, John, who has served in the military (helicopter squad) and is also an aircraft engineer was my guide. His explanations were really detailed but I had a hard time remembering half of them (blaming it on the age). This is the second time I was at the museum and for some of my friends it would probably be a great wonder why a non-technical person like me enjoy being in this kind of museum. I love history and this museum is very informative on the second world war.

Star Engine Star engine
DSC03392 DSC03335

DSC03310 DSC03401

DSC03407 DSC03375

DSC034081 DSC034411
The entrance fee is 40 kroner (approx. 5.4o Euro)

22 Replies to “Airforce Museum”

  1. It was a dream of mine to be a pilot…wishful thinking maybe…kaya hanga ako dun sa first lady pilot natin who can fly a boeing 747, grabe talaga, ang galing!

    Al, you have a great family. When was the last time you came home?

    By the way, I saw your post at Reyna Elena’s blog. Thought to pass by… 🙂

  2. Hi Al,

    great pics!same here,its getting colder and i dont wanna spend my day out 🙂

    nice museumm,btw.

    thanx for dropping by and to queer chef,too 🙂
    have a nice weekend!!

  3. Beng – Subukan mo din! You will find that historical museums are also interesting.

  4. hello al,

    naks naman, looks like you guys had lots of fun there. i’ve never been to such museum yet, mahilig kasi ako sa art museum kaya yon lang ang napupuntahan ko 🙂

    have a nnice day

  5. Joey – That is true! They are more service oriented too.

    Nino – Haha! Charles and his game is making raves! I hope that we would have more museums in the Philippines.

  6. I’m afraid I have the same love affair with museums. I’m such a sucker for historical thingamajigs and stuff like that. 🙂

    Oh, and the Queer Chef pimped me here!

  7. aren’t small museums the best? they’re always more specific, and the people who take care and manage them are usually very much into and experts on the objects displayed

  8. Winsome – It is a great way to get rid of stress too 🙂 Best wishes to you too.

  9. Sounds like discovered a great place to walk and discover your history on a cold winter day. Always exciting to find these special places, best wishes, The Artist

  10. Neng – Hehe… at least ikaw nakasakay na, ako di pa. Thank you daw sabi ni Tatyana!

    Sidney – on being a pilot – in my dreams! Haha. They have quite a collection in this museum. Although a lot of the collection has been moved to Bodø (as mentioned by Tor)

    Tor – I remember the big argument about moving everything to Bodø. Unfortunately, most have been moved there but the collection in Gardermoen is quite impressive.

    Raquel – I always loved history (one thing I got from my father). I am still learning about the history of Norway and I am enjoying it. Ofcourse there is nothing like going to the place where the action was. Keep up with your knowledge in history, next generation will profit from it 🙂

  11. Machineries are very impressive. Thanks for sharing these photos Al. I just satrted loving the history when I already travel many places.

    Uy, baby mo yan, ang ganda ah. I like her eyes.

  12. Thanks for the post and wonderful pic’s. I didn’t know we had this museum at Gardermoen, thought everything was moved to Bodo. Remember all the “noise” and “Battle” regarding that move (from Kjeller).

  13. It looks like you have fun being a pilot! 🙂
    Wow! They got some fighter jets & helicopters on display! Impressive.

  14. kakahilo sumakay sa helicopter, ingay pa!

    kyut ni Tatjana, lumalaki lalong gumaganda 😉

  15. Ethel – oo si Tatyana yung nakadapa dun sa missile 🙂 Napagod kakalakad. Si Angel Jane naman, halos di na sumasama sa amin kasi may sarili na siyang mundo. teenager na kasi.

    Iskoo – pwede pa naman. hindi pa huli ang lahat. may mga kaibigan kami na naglelessons e mas matanda pa sa akin.

    Charles – me too! I told John that I would like a helicopter tour when we can afford it.

  16. wow ate that is so nice. I always fancy myself sitting inside a helicopter

  17. really look like a very interesting museum considering that once i dream of becoming a pilot.. pero hanggang dream nalang yun.

    kute ng baby girl mo, bagay sa kanya yung shot 🙂

  18. ako rin kahit anong klaseng museum gusto kong pasukin lalo na pag may guide.
    Grabeh yong engine ah,!
    Si Tatjana mo kyut ng smile hehhe
    mukhang di sumama senyo si lady angel mo ah, siya ba yang naka dapa sa missile hehhe
    Thanks for sharig Al, i enjoy the pics.

  19. Hei Renny,
    Just give me a call or send me an sms and we can arrange it. My husband would love to be our tourguide :). It would be a pleasure to see you and show you this museum.

  20. I must admit I’ve never been there, but would have loved to – especially after seeing your great pics! It must have been wonderful to have your own, personal guide! Please, can I go with you next time? 🙂

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