Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a special time of the year for me. It is not because of the gifts or shopping. You see so many smiling faces and people are nicer (or maybe I am less observant before the season). People are more giving and forgiving.

When I was living in the Philippines, I was looking forward to the midnight mass (16- 25 dec), the smell of chestnut, rice cakes after the mass and the food in the kitchen. Yes, I was even looking forward to the children who come to sing christmas carols, irritating they may be sometimes.

We have our small traditions here too. At 19:30, my family gather around to see christmas tv. This year, we are watching “Jul i Valhall” (Christmas in Valhall). It is a danish christmas series on TV2. After, we change the TVnorge and watch the hilarious “Jul i Tøyengata.” (Christmas in Tøyen street) We are childish, yes.

Pepperkake is one thing that we always have during this season. Since I am really bad at baking, I buy boxes of them.

Some parents, make their own julekalender. We bought ours. Kids open a window from first of december to the 24th of december. They get a toy, candy or chocolate.

I have taken the christmas decorations from the storage but I have not started putting them up yet. I hope I would soon before christmas is over. Hohoho!

17 Replies to “Getting into the Christmas Spirit”

  1. Believe it or not I am not done with the christmas decorations yet and it is almost christmas.

  2. we put up our christmas decorations a couple of weeks ago. i had an excuse to get out of studying as my family and i made our house look all festive. hehe.

    i really like this time of year. it definitely brings families closer together. just like your family and the traditions you have =)

  3. Sidney – Have a wonderful vacation!

    Shoshana – We have a small community here in Jessheim and we do not have our own building. So no simbang gabi for us here. Oh — Buy yourself a timer for christmas Hehehe.

    Winsome – Hope you would have a great time with your family!

    Cruise – Maybe if people stick more to their new year’s resolution?

    Iskoo – Hayaan mo, ikakain na lang kita! 🙂

  4. havent heard of pepperkake, but i have see in on the picture, cute ng baby mo holding it. plus the link so i got better idea about it… hmmm look masarap. pahingi po, hehe

  5. christmas is also my fav occassion, you are right people are forgiving ang thoughtful during that season, hopefully buong taon maging generous ang mga tao 🙂

  6. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    I will be on the other side of the world experiencing a New Zealand Christmas. Have three sisters and the four of us, partners and children met up each year in Christchurch in New Zealand’s South Island where two of the sisters live.

  7. Hey Al, sounds like you have fun evenings planned out.

    Don’t they have midnight mass in Norway?

    We’re opposites. I am fantastic at baking…it’s the stovetop I tend to burn because I’d forget all about it.

  8. Nice Julekalender and a nice tradition.
    Al, enjoy the Christmas holidays! I wish you the best for 2007.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I will be back somewhere in January.

  9. Renny – at least I am getting somewhere. Now the living room is full of boxes.

    Joey – Hehe. You should give me some credit. I learned how to cook when I was 31. Baking will come don’t worry.

  10. you don’t make your own pepperkake?!?!?!? bad mama!!!! hehh just kidding

  11. Hmmmm Peperkaker – my favorite! Good to know you are about to find the Christmas spirit and good luck with your decorations:-)

  12. Expat – 🙂 the extra goodies!!! Yummm

    Ethel – I will miss pinoy christmas this year. We still do not have snow 😦 Mas gusto ko nga may snow kasi hindi gaaano malamig. Ngayon mahangin!

  13. na miz ko ang pinoy Christmas Al 🙂 iba talga dun anoh?
    Muzta kayo jan dami na bang snow hahaha prang si manay neng naghahanap ng snow hehhehe
    kyut ni Tatjana 🙂


  14. Al – It looks very fun. I love all of the christmas booths outdoors and indoors the most and all of the extra goodies you don’t see out of the season… 🙂

  15. Neng – bili kita ng kalendar? Hehe

    Raquel – festive ang christmas sa atin no? Lagi yatang nananalo ang Las Pinas.

  16. Oh the simbang gabi, tamad ako jan. Sa umpisa lang ako dumadalo, hi-hi-hi. What I miss most in the Philippines are the Christmas lights on the streets. May bagong project ang government natin dun, merong silang pa contest kung sino ang pinakakamagandang xmas light tuwing gabi.

    Hope to see your Christmas decorations hanging on the wall aye.

  17. pede rin ba akong magbukas ngayon jan sa kalendar? 😉

    may snow na ba diot Al, mukhang malbo ang white xmas …

    happy montag!

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