Christmas Dinner Dry Run

Last Friday, we celebrated Christmas Dinner with our carpenters because they were leaving for Lithuania last Saturday. I made “Ribbe” (Loin Rib of Pork).


The pork loin was rubbed in salt and pepper and left in the ref for 2 days. I placed this 4.5 kilo pork loin in the oven covered with aluminum foil for 30 minutes at 230 degrees and poured about half a liter water on the pan. After 30 minutes, took off the aluminum foil and recuded the heat to 200 degrees and left it in the oven for 2 hours. The top was turning brown faster than the sides so I had to cover the top with aluminum foil while I waited until the sides were brown.

I place the meatcakes (medisterkaker) and christmas sausages (medisterpølser) the last 20 minutes. I served ribbe with surkål and rødkål , potatoes and chilled Danish Akevitt. It is also usual to serve lingonberries (tyttebær) but I am not so fond of it.


Here is how I made the sauce. Got the water and fats from the pan and placed it in a casserole. Melted norwegian goat cheese and added cream (Fløte) and flour to thicken it.

This is my dry run for Christmas dinner. I think I will be fine on Christmas eve.

Surkål and Rødkål – I had to buy these from the grocery. Afterall, I do not think anyone who knows me expect wonders in the kitchen from me.

15 Replies to “Christmas Dinner Dry Run”

  1. April – I think that they appreciated it. 🙂 although,my cooking skills is nothing to brag about.

    Raquel – maybe you should make pinoy dishes on christmas if you are tired with turkey?

    Joey – naku dai dyan sa Pilipinas na masarap kainin no? Kain mo ako ng fishball hehehe

    Madley – You are welcome!!!

    Renny – Not really an expert. This is my first time making ribbe,

    Neng – Punta ka dito!

    Iskoo – Masarap din kainin 🙂

    Tor – Thank you but this is my first time to make ribbe 🙂

    Ethel – Ano noche buena niyo?

    Nino – Hahah – I do not mind the cholesterol too.

    Ghee – not really a good cook but trying to cook.

    Jean – Hope to get the chance to talk to you soon. Happy Christmas to you and your family!!!!

  2. Hi Anna

    Its been a while ! Hey! Norway seems to be very festive, I like that. We have a summer Christmas …shld I say barbeque season. Absolutely great sharing your day to day events. Fabulous looking girls (JANEY and TANIA).Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday and the very best in 2007! …. Jean W.

  3. A burnin’ chunk of meaty goodness jam-packed with lotsa cholesterol! Love it!

  4. Hiya Al, mukhang yummy ah! sarap ng pang noche buena 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  5. You’re an expert, I must say.

    Ribbe, that’s xMas for us too. With homemade “surkål”, both red and green. Plus “medister”-cakes, Christmas sausages, dried prunes etc etc. And Old Oppland (aquevit).

  6. wow grabe ang sarap tignan, siguradong nabusog ang mga pinaghandaan mo, sa procedure na binanggit mo talagang delicious ang umukit sa isip ko 🙂 tapos with matching gravy pa…

  7. yum. that looks really good, ate Al.

    made me salivate for some pork now. hehe.

  8. ehem, pedeng mag-noche buena sa inyo? 😉

    ah, nakakasira ng diet program ang Dec. … kailangan mag-skiing, may snow na ba dito Al? 😀

  9. Wooow AL, your an expert on Ribbe too – I’m impressed. We will have Lutefisk for Christmas Even, but mom will serve cold Ribbe at the Christmas Day buffet.
    Wishing you and your family a Marry Christmas:-)

  10. OMG, pork AND cheese together? I’m coming to YOUR house for Christmas! LOL

  11. Hmmm, slurp, sluuurp! Nalalaway ako sa procedure, hahaha. Mukhang masarap ang luto mo Al. Yan ang na mimis ko sa pinas. Dito kase, turkey ang palaging ihahanda nila!

  12. wow, seems like a labor of love. i hope everone appreciates your cooking skills! it sounds like a really interesting dish.

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