12 thoughts on “Holiday Goodies”

  1. So good to see you all together doing the “Yulebakst”. A very fine tradion. Thanks for inviting to a such fine event

  2. your projects is not only pleasing to the eyes but also very appetizing in appearance 🙂

    happy new year al!

  3. Hi Al, nag enjoy ang dalawa sa cooki house galing nilang gumawa. 🙂
    Marzipan…peborit kong gawin ay yong mouse at pig hehhe madali lang kase 🙂
    Ang saya nyo busy ang buong pamilya hehhe.. nice pics al.
    happy new year!

  4. Thanks for this post and wonderful pictures. Just the way I like it and do it before Christmas.

    If your still hungry; come on over for Lutefisk:-)

  5. galing naman yang family tradition nyo, magandang idea yan. mukhang masaya ay madgandang way for bonding 🙂

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