Norwegian Movies and James Bond

I have seen only 3 movies in 2 months. If it wasn’t for my “extra job” as a support person (st√łttekontakt) for another individual, I would probably not have gone to the movie house at all. Not that I do not like going to the movies but I just do not think of making a time for it.

In the past, I rather watch a swedish or a danish film because I didn’t find norwegian films very good except for Elling and Heftig og Begeistret which were both released in 2001. I waited 5 years to watch another norwegian film and was very very surprised. Norwegian films have improved. Uro is an action/drama film while Fritt Vilt is a thriller/suspense film.


James Bond

To my dear friend Joey:
I promised to make a comment on the new James Bond movie. The stunts are just so crazy and it is action filled enough to hold my breath. It was funny and exciting. I enjoyed it very much.

If you would like to read Joey’s review on James Bond, you may want to visit his blog:


My Kids

Two weeks ago, I got the annual pictures of my kids from school and kindergarten. I am proud to be the mother of these wonderful kids.

Janey 001

Angelika Jane
14 years old (almost 15)
10th Grade
She is now preparing for Vidergåendeskole (Secondary Education) . She is still undecided about what she would want to specialize in. She is contemplating on taking general studies. It would be a practical choice in pusuing any university degree.

She may be lazy with house chores but she is doing well in school (except Math! ugh!). Her best subjects are English, Spanish and Norwegian. Yup! A language person. She speaks filipino (shyly) with a norwegian accent. LOL. Life without computer and mobile phone is no life at all. She comes home from school on time so I have no complains.

Update : ANGEL JANE GOT HER BLACK BELT IN NANBUDO! Congratulations!!! I am proud of you.

5 years old

She is excited to go to school after she has been to the school’s open house. If you ask her what she would like to be when she grows up, she would reply : I want to be a Mamma and a dentist. The latter changes every second day.

She thinks she is helping me with the household chores. Hah! She speaks norwegian, english and some filipino words. She invented some words too and thinks it is filipino. She is a funny girl Her mouth never stops. Either she is speaking, singing or eating. She wants to learn all the songs aired on the radio. Mama Mia!!!