Dakar Rally

I am probably the only one in my family who is never going to learn to drive a motorbike. My husband, John, has been travelling in a motorbike all over the world. My eldest daughter, A.J. started with trial at the age of 9. Tatyana, who is 5, has started driving ATV when she was 4.

Before, I actually thought that motorsport is not a sport. They drive. That’s what I thought they do. They undergo a lot of physical training (just like other sports). Anyway, one of the rallies that my husband and I see every year is the Dakar Rally. There are 3 categories in this rally – motorbikes, cars and trucks.

I do not watch this rally because my husband does. The first time I watched this was in 2002. The same year an amatuer norwegian biker, Pål Anders Ullevålseter, joined this rally the first time. He came in 9th. In 2003, he came in 7th. In 2004, he came in 5th. In 2005, he had an accident. In 2006, he came in 6th. This year, he came in 4th. Let me say for someone who is not driving for a particular factory, he is impressive and I got amused by his improved performance every year.

Foto from nrksport.no

In my opinion, motorsports in Norway is not as popular as football. I remember that Dakar rally didn’t even have professional reporter from Norway that Ullevålseter had to do it himself last year or 2 years ago. We are lucky this year that the coverage on TV2 lasted for 10 minutes everyday but we have to wait until almost midnight!

I know that this is not the usual thing you expect me to post but I think this is a good break from all my christmas posts.


My phone suddenly went blank on Christmas eve. It is a big disaster for me because all my appointments and over 300 phone numbers, e-mail addresses of friends and clients are stored in that phone. I was too confident that the mobile phone (Nokia 6600) I have been using for the last 4 years would last forever. I have pushed aside placing all my contacts to my pc or to an address book for years even though I have told everyone that if I lose the phone, I would lose a lot. Now, I have to suffer the consequences.

I was itching to buy N80 or N91 but they are costly and I am not willing to put so much money in gadgets at this time of the year. I settled for N70, the cheapest among the Nseries. I tried the camera today and I think that I am going to be satisfied with it just as I was satisfied with my old Nokia 6600.

Norbytjerne is a small lake in our area. It is surrounded by forest and is a wonderful place for kids and adults alike. In the summer, folks swim in this lake. In the winter, they do ice fishing and skating (but it is not safe to skate here at the moment — the ice is not thick enough).
Tatyana and her friend enjoying the good weather.
Cookie Time!
Time for some fun on a sled…
This can go fast. I love this toy!

Between Christmas & New Year

If there is one thing we do when we have the time to relax, we escape to Skjeberg and stay at our little cabin. This year, we used a lot of our weekends there.

and Odd visited us on the 28th of December. I always enjoy their company. They make me feel young.

Odd, me and Charles
Odd, Me & Charles (queerchef.com)
To Charles and Odd, thank you for a wonderful time!

This is how it is like by the fjords between Christmas and New Year.
I sometimes think that I enjoy coming to this place in the winter than in the summer. It is very peaceful and beautiful (almost magical).

The sea turning into ice.

Someone forgot to take his boat ashore for the winter.